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AS-84.3144 Field and Service Robotics

Project work


This page contains information for the course AS-84.3144 project work. The project work is an essential part of the course. The grade of the course will be 0.5 x exam + 0.5 x course work and additionally both project work and the course work must be accepted. However, the project work may only raise the total grade by one.

The course work will be a development of application(s) to a mobile robot called J2B2. You will work in a team and your team will compete against other teams. The grading is determined according to your success in the competition(s).

J2B2 is a castor wheeled robot differential driven. You will receive a software package (C++), for accessing the robots sensors and actuators. You and your team will develop the application, which is different every year. Additionally there is usually a "mechanical" engineering part, which includes the design and implementation of work subsystem.

J2B2 Robot

The course participants will be divided into about five teams that will compete against each other. Each team will have about five members that should work together. Each team should pick a team leader that will coordinate the team activities and communicates with course staff. The team leader is responsible that the members fulfill the job so that the deadlines are achieved. If the team leader has difficulties to get some of the members to do their job, then he should contact the assistants and they try to solve the situation. The whole project and its success depends on the team, therefore it is essential that the people who are named to the teams are dedicated to the job. It is much harder to reorganize the teams after the course has started. Therefore you should think if you are going to take the course during the first week.


This is an advanced course giving you a good insight into the world of mobile robotics (or field and service robotics). The exact requirements you need to know are very difficult to specify, but you should be prepared to do quite a lot of programming (C/C++), you need to know some basics of control, automation and system thinking in general, you need to be able to apply some algorithms that you have learned previously. The strict requirements for the course are that you’ll need to have passed your Bachelor degree and that you have taken the Robotics course (AS-84.1137).

There are a plenty of people that have passed the course successfully with very little preliminary knowledge, but the required amount of work will be higher. This is not an easy course and you will need all the specified hours to pass it – but it will be worth it :)