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Work Partner

WorkPartner is a mobile service robot, which works interactively with people. It is intended for everyday life tasks in outdoor environment. Work is done by the aid of a human-like two hand manipulator. The hybrid locomotion system allows motion with legs and/or wheels at the same time. Tasks are learned and executed in close cooperation with the human operator.

Mobility The locomotion system allows motion with legs only, with legs and wheels powered at the same time or with wheels only.

Perception System Passive vision fused with different types of ranging radars.

Navigation Navigation is fully automatic in locally mapping of ab unknown environment.

Learning capability The robot learns to perform skilled tasks when working interactively with the operator.

Adaptive motion control system The hybrid locomotion system provides rough terrain negotiating capability and wide speed range at the same time.

Manipulation capability The two arm manipulator is able to do humanlike tasks by manipulating and/or using tools.