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The computer system is distributed around a CAN-bus

Each leg has one controller (Leg Controller) based on Siemens 167 Micro-controller and PHYTEC 167-mini-MODULE. The middle joint controller is build using the same components. Other nodes, demanding more computing resources - like those taking care of motion and locomotion control, user interface or perception system devices - are based mainly on PC-104 card technology. Also, additional computer power can be used, via wireless local area network, WLAN. The main computer is a 586 PC-104 board and is running on a QNX operating system. The electronics include also servo controllers for the actuator motors and specially made amplifier cards for force sensors in the legs and the hip actuators.

The manipulator will also be connected to the CAN network. The main difference will be that the CAN-network is directly connected to each joint, to each motor controller. The motor controller is built from CAN-module and a DS processor. The DSP motor controller is capable of providing position, speed and force control. Only the head unit is a unit of its own, containing two degrees of freedom.

All the hardware is modular and easy to maintain. The leg control boards and the middle joint controller board are alike, likewise the physical leg controller box, including the micro controller board and the servo amplifiers, are alike. In a fault situation the computer control system can be by-passed and the machine can be driven manually with an external control box.