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Interactive Control of Mobile Vehicle by Using Visual Signs


Mobile robot navigation and motion planning based on geometrically known visual objects in the environment were studied. Two type of signs are used: beacons for position and posture determination and traffic signs for transferring messages related to the environment or task. The main idea behind is that the robot operator can communicate with the robot and configurate the mission by using the visual objects he instals in the environment. The position method method uses servoid camera which tracks the beacon. A non-linear filter algorithm estimates the changes in position and attitude on the basis of the best model matching. The trafic signs are like those used in normal road traffic. They are first recognised from the surrounding by the aid of colour image processing and then the geometrical message is separated. A small laboratory vehicle equipped with camera has been constructed to test the main algorithms.


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  • Jussi Suomela,
    "A positioning system for an autonomous vehicle based on a geometric known landmark and a camera,"
    Master's thesis, Espoo: TKK, 1992.