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Control Engineering Master's Theses


Joonas Aalto-Setälä
Adaptive wastegate control of combustion engines
Timo Karlsson
Indirect detection of ice on wind turbine rotor
Ossi Koivula
System dynamics modelling of service industry value creation
Otso Mäki
Sähkönsiirtojärjestelmien matalataajuisten tehoheilahtelujen vaimentaminen keskitetyillä ja hajautetuilla säätöalgoritmeilla


Tuomas Ilola
Indoor signal strength based tracking using Bluetooth 4.0
Lotta Kannari
Consumption-based dimensioning of solar district heating systems by dynamic simulation
Akseli Korhonen
Verification of energy meters using automatic meter reading data
Jyri Lujanen
Model-based controller tuning of flexible two-mass system
Lauri Saarinen
Analysis and planning of industrial software rollout project
Sami Salonen
Vessel prime mover efficiency and emission estimation
Olli Sjöberg
Development of automatic ship velocity control system
Tomi Sorasalmi
Dynamic modeling of household electricity consumption
Ossi Valtonen
Design, development and tuning of drive control of a pilot coater
Eero Vesaoja
Modelling and vibration damping of winding


Cay Blomqvist
Simulating sorting networks on a multi-core processor
Mika Hiltunen
Pietsoelementin ohjauselektroniikka
Petri Horttanainen
Data based modeling and analysis of vessel hull fouling and friction
Juhana Kaikkonen
Design of commissioning tools for multi-axis servo drive systems
Ossi Kaltiokallio
Intrusion detection based on embedded processing of received signal strength indicator
Lasse Kankaanranta
Automated testing during inverter software development
Ville Liimatainen
Composite view from multiple camera sources for minimally invasive surgery
Aki Nieminen
Survey of the applicability of an embedded control system of internal combustion engine for solid oxide fuel cell plant
Johannes Saarinen
Three-phase inverter used as a DC-DC converter in a hybrid energy system; modeling and control
Richard Salin
Internet protocol communication in sub-gigahertz radio networks
Joni Silvo
Reliable communication protocol for real-time wireless automation
Juha Sironen
Freeness estimation for TMP mainline refining
Joona Tuovinen
Modularization of dynamic maintenance models


Timo Johannes Fagerström
Analysis and development of thickness controls on a tandem mill
Heikki Härkönen
Developing a dynamic stakeholder management model for a Network Centric Enterprise
Lari Järvenpää
Production planning of a wind farm based on wind speed forecasting
Jouko Kinnari
Design of a measurement device and signal processing methods for automated wire rope condition monitoring
Teemu Petteri Koski
Energy handling in data centers microgrid
Teemu Petteri Kääriäinen
System dynamics modeling of web application IT architecture scalability and availability
Taru Laamanen
Modeling and control of scanning movement of a mammography device
Juuso Lehtonen
Crane components' failure prediction and reliability
Toni Luoto
Data-based analysis of the modes of the flotation process
Petri Malkamäki
Multivariable analysis of a fludized bed
Tuomas Mattila
Large offshore wind farm modeling and grid code compliance
Matti Rantala
Modelling and simulation of the servo axes in a sheet metal working machine
Juuso Simolin
Model identification and validation of full converter wind turbine drive system
Niina Stenius
Yöjäähdytyksen ohjaus sääennusteen perusteella toimistorakennuksessa
Kalle Torkkeli
Implementation of the differential pressure level measurement method into the simulation model of the Loviisa nuclear power plant


Jussi Airas
Forecasting the repair demand for consumer electronics
Kalle A Eskola
Controlling the spreader of container crane
Peter Guss
Automatic PID controller tuning in frequency converters
Mirva Jääskeläinen
Experimental study on droplet self-alignment assisted robotic microhandling
Sami Kiviluoto
Modelling and control of vertical oscillation in overhead cranes
Juho Kaarlo Sakari Lindholm
Modeling and compensation of time-varying delays in networked control systems
Alex Mattsson
Data-driven soft sensor for root cause analysis of paper web defects
Miikka Niiranen
Control of machine room vibration
Sofia Piltz
Tuning of IMC and PID controllers for a networked multivariable control system
Matti Repo
Data-driven condition monitoring of forest harvester heads
Timo Roine
Laser triangulation based froth level measurement in improving image analysis of flotation process
Jan Markus Tiri
Excavator bucket control with hand-held inertial measurement unit
Ari Eerikki Tuononen
Wireless sensor networks in condition monitoring of electrical applications
Tommi Juhani Turku
Modeling and simulation of gantry crane


Anders Brunström
Avstämning och övervakning av material och energibalanserna
Jukka Dahlbom
Software training simulator for control of chemical dosage
Matti Harjula
Mathematics exercise system with automatic assessment
Tuomas Loponen
Developing a nonlinear model of a chemical process for control applications
Jukka Tapani Martikainen
Development of contact and wear models in grinding mill DEM-simulation
Matti Nykänen
Object-oriented information model for a variable speed drive
Juha Orivuori
Active control of rotor vibrations in electric drivers
Jori Poikola
Configuration management and life cycle management of ship's propulsion control software


Antti Härkönen
Automated Identification and Analysis of Optical Defects in Polyethylene Films
Tero Jokinen
Dynamic modeling and simulation of different maintenance strategies
Jussi Näveri
Instructor station development in Loviisa power plant training simulator renewal
Janne Pietilä
Statistical Multivariate Analysis of the Energy Consumption in Petrochemical Processes
Veikko Tapani Sariola
Sensor signal analysis of a gastrointestinal biotelemetry device
Einar Toivonen
Wireless sensor networks in real-time control systems
Sampsa Vaulimo
Monitoring Quality Variations in Paper Machines


Pasi Arrenius
Evaluation environment for new technologies in automation design
Mikael Pohjola
PID Controller Design in Networked Control Systems
Antti Pohjoranta
Microvia fill electroplating: a model for process monitoring development
Kalevi Tervo
Evaluation of Tree Stem Feeding Process Performance Using Hidden Markov Models


Ismo Hämäläinen
Application of Self-Organising Map to the machine condition monitoring and fault classification
Petri Hänninen
Modeling dynamics of a piezodisk using neural networks
Gul Waqar Khan
Maximum Parallel Links based routing scheme with Power Control for Ad Hoc Wireless Sensors Networks
Heli Pykälä
Dynamic modelling of very high dimensional data - Application in gene expression
Lasse Räty
Modelling thermodynamic properties of substances with neural networks in nuclear power plant simulation
Ari Saikkonen
Uniform Engine Speed-Load Control
Joonas Varso
Fuzzy logic in gain scheduling of multivariable control


Hagi Abdirahman
Two-Dimensional Finite Impulse Response Filter Design Using Field Programmable Gate Arrays Two-dimensional finite impulse response filter design using a field programmable gate array
Tibor Digana
Kalman Filter Signal Fusion In Sensors
Karina Gribanova
Packet Scheduling for Video Streaming Data in the HDR system, TKK Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Olli Haavisto
Development of a walking robot model and its data-based modeling and control
Kalle Halmevaara
Iterative latent variable based tuning technique for multiparameter systems
Ari Hentunen
Systematic Approach to Analyze the Dynamics of Distributed Power Supply Systems
Vesa Hölttä
Analysis of stem diameter measurement in forest harvester
Kalle Kantola
Modelling of Electroless Nickel Plating Process for Control
Jari Kostamo
Design and development of device demonstrating control theory
Heikki Lappalainen
The tuning of the anti-sway system of crane
Martti Larinkari
Particle size distribution of crushed ore - measurement and management
Jarmo Lehtonen
Neural network model-based fault diagnosis for induction motors
Olli Ojala
Enchancement of X-ray analyzer measurements utilizing Deterministic-Stochastic Subspace Identification
Janne Peltonen
New sensor and control concepts in modern office enviroments
Pasi Riihimäki
Development of Calibration by Multivariable Statistical Methods
Toni Uusiniitty
Remote diagnostics of multinip calender


Eva Blomqvist
Security in sensor networks
Hakan Cuzdan
Performance Comparisons of Battery Aware Routing Algorithms in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks
Ville Hietanen
Use of Clustering Methods in Unit Process Performance Monitoring
Mikael Maasalo
Dynamic modelling and simulation of a coal mill
Anna Reijonen
Tuning of PID controller for varying time-delay systems
Tero Rinne
Signal processing in protection relays measurement chain
Kim Råholm
The use of fieldbuses and fault diagnostics in process industry


Lasse Eriksson
Learning algorithm in building temperature and air flow control
Antti Huovinen
Model of electroless nickel plating process
Jussi Järvinen
Development of a mill charge measurement for a grinding mill
Longji Lin
Device for Automatic Measurement of Fiber Strength - System Design
Pedro Rodriguez
Induction motor fault detection and diagnosis by monitoring the motor current
Timo Väätäinen
Minimization of losses in frequency converters
Deze Zhao
Simulation of Minimized Transmission Time Span Scheduling in Uplink of WCDMA


Kai Heikkinen
WCDMA Downlink Performance with Intra- and Intercell Interference
Jani Kaartinen
Data Acquisition and Analysis System for Mineral Flotation
Sanna Kaistinen
Automated database configuration for winder's diagnostics
Juha Kerttula
Model based numerical calculation of fast operational transients of a controlled synchronous generator
Seppo Merikoski
Kumin sekoitusprosessin mallintaminen neuro-sumealla menetelmällä
Eero Sarkio
Field weakening in the control of the induction machine


Pekka Komulainen
Modeling of the dynamic chemical state of de-inked pulp


Zeynep Bülbül
Compensation of Profiles for Expected MD Transients
Vesa Hasu
Design of Experiments in Analysis of Flotation Froth Appearance
Jari Hätönen
Image analysis in mineral flotation
Tomi Kommeri
Forecasting the price of electricity on the deregulated Nordic market
Tuomo Lehtonen
Microfluidic phenomena, components and simulation
Jukka Partanen
Control System for Electrical Switch Production Line


Juha-Pekka Jalkanen
The Development and Testing of the Condition Monitorin System
Kai Luethje
Kahmaripukkinosturin ohjaus
Sanna Pöyhönen
Load Control Algorithms for a WCDMA Radio Network
Iuliana Virtej
Power Control in the Third Generation Wireless Communication Systems


Merja Aartovaara
Identification of calendering model
Riku Jäntti
Tuning tool for the speed controller of the direct torque controlled electrical drive
Janne Laakso
The Use of Neural Networks In Optimal Control
Mikael Lind
Development of a minimanipulator for micrometer movements
Tomi Määttänen
Compensating the Correlation between Machine Directional and Cross Directional Profile Components in Coating Machine
Sara Paunonen
Diagnosis of the cover of the calender polymer roll
JianJun Shen
Tuning of fuzzy control in process applications


Jukka Juottonen
Supression of torsional vibrations in speed controlled electrical drives
Ju Lin
Design of Active Dampers for Mechanical Vibrations
Karri Penttilä
TiO2-kalsinointiuunin simulointimalli


Markku Juusti
Ilmakehäsimulaattori radiosondien tuotantoon: rakenne ja säätöjärjestelmät
Tero Nousiainen
Cable oscillators in motor control and ground fault in frequency conventers
Antti Pekkanen
Inkubaattorin lämpötilan säätö kliinisen kemian analysaattorissa


Jukka Hurtta
Developing Heating and Air Conditioning Simulation Library and Intelligent Controllers
Markku Martikainen
Muuttuvakertoimisen läpivirtausprosessin säädön suunnittelu ja testaus


Gyula Robel
Outline of an expert system for control engineering design
Timo Virtanen
Control of flexible manufacturing cell and optimization of production


Teppo Nurminen
Connecting an automation system to a personal computer and to a local area network
Merita Pihkanen
The accurate position control of a crane grabber
Sami Tuuri
Safety of steam boiler safety interlocks


Vesa Puranen
Automation of a small-scale crane system
Mika Salkola
A simulation system for warehouse planning and usage


Matti Ketonen
Process and control research of a Spherodizer process
Markku Roiha
Implementing several systems analysis programs to unix environment
Riku Salminen
Adaptive control of a trolley crane
Jarmo Tervo
Vastapaineturbiinin dynaaminen simulointimalli


Ari Heikkilä
Control system of automatic flexible manufacturing cell
Jussi Kontola
Computer-Aided Application of the Frequency Domain Control Design
Pasi Laine
Developing of an Expert System for Model Based Failure Detection System
Tapio Mäenpää
Planning of a control system for drying paper cores
Esko Nieminen
Kuparielektrolyysin mallitus ja säätö
Päivi Raula
The formation mechanisms of the noxious flué gas components in furnace
Päivi Salo
Modeling and control of membrane filtration


Laura Heinonen
Implementation Plan for the Process Analysis and Control System Design Software Package
Juhani Hyvärinen
Failure diagnosis system to monitor the peat feeding and milling and flue gas system in a peat power plant
Hannu Markkanen
The development of a signal-analysis-based expert system for power plant diagnostics
Mauri Tapio Mäkelä
Dynamic prediction of grate boiler heat power
Kari Rintanen
Implementation of an automatic control system to a pilot crane using distributed data processing