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Autonomous Systems Master's Theses

Due to the reorganisation at the beginning of 2008, the following theses are also listed under Automation Technology.


Mikko Hallikainen
Condition monitoring and reporting of the energydata management system


Heidi Rintahaka
Kuparielektrolyysin prosessihäiriöiden havainnointimenetelmien kehitys


Sami Alaiso
Decision support system for agricultural contracting
Iiro-Pekka Eerola
Leakage localization in water distribution networks using simulation
Maria Hakonen
Towards the control of an upper-limb prosthesis using surface electromyography
Teemu Kemppainen
Stereo vision based planting spot detection in a continuously operating forest planter
Kalle Kietäväinen
Data collection network for Bluetooth low energy sensors
Ville Matikainen
Cartesian control of an advanced tractor's rear hitch
Viljami Mäki
Applying path planning methods in bridge cranes
Susanna Nenonen
Automated measurements and pH control of microalgae cultivation
Mathias Chris Nyman
Performance measurement in lean and agile software development
Niko Nyrhilä
Real time feature tracking on omnidirectional camera image in forest environment
Juha Rainvuori
Financial benefits for the sawmill industry of process measurements in the harvester head
Martin Richter
Towards natural tactile feedback in artificial limbs
Mikko Tuohimaa
Development and performance analysis of a novel pulse oximetry measurement circuit
Mikko Vihlman
Detection, localization and species identification of young trees using machine vision


Antti Kunnas
Embedded Control System for Agricultural Machinery implemented in Forage Harvesting
Juho Pentikäinen
Data acquisition and analysis method of agricultural machinery without ISOBUS for basis of invoicing of agricultural contractor
Mikko Veli Juhani Seppälä
Virtual prototyping in design concept selection; A case study on a mobile robot
Ville Sydänmaanlakka
Automatic validation system for safety floor modules
Sampo Tuominen
Applying machine vision in glassware quality control


Antti Aspiala
Operation planning and decision-making methods in automatic crop farming
Visa Jokelainen
Recognition and localisation of young trees using machine perception
Gaoqiang Qian
Client-server communication and architecture of phonebook based mobile web application
Juuso Salonen
Sidestream gas exchange measurements and signal synchronization during bias flow ventilation
Mikko Virkkilä
Testing framework for the command interface of a Bluetooth module


Heikki Hyyti
Simultaneous localization and forest mapping using 2D and 3D laser scanners
Jouko Kalmari
Measurement of log using machine vision in harvester head
Henrik Nyman
Real time performance of generation 2 RFID eystems in industry and logistics


Juha Backman
Joined navigation of tractor and implement combination
Jakke Kulovesi
Structure from visual motion in forest environment
Paavo Toiviainen
Analytical production reporting in the process industries


Sampsa Kosonen
Tree Species Recognition with Machine Vision Using Color and Texture Analysis
Thomas Maksimow
The implementation of an automatic crop farming simulation platform
Risto Miettinen
The electrical steering gear in podded propulsion system
Miika Telama
Solving the traceability of timber using radio frequency identification


Jaakko Jutila
Localization and Tree Measurement with Laser Scanner in a Forestry Macheine Perception System
Kosti Kannas
Tree Measurement with Machine Vision in a Perception System for Forestry Machines
Jussi Likitalo
New control strategy of a distillation plant


Mikko Miettinen
Fault diagnostics and telemaintanance solutions for mobile working machines