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Information and Computer Systems in Automation Master's Theses


Jukka Asikainen
OPC UA Java History Gateway with Inherent Database Integration


Paula Laitio
User interface solutions for supporting operators' automation awareness in nuclear power plant control rooms


Toni Enqvist
Development and automation of telescopic cylinder production
Tuomas Hiltunen
Java based OPC UA client development
Antti Kangasrääsiö
Feasibility of Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation in Modeling Waste Value Chains
Jukka Kauppinen
A virtual electric drive for offline configuration
Jani Kautto
The automation and energy information systems of a building and demand based use
Tuomas Miettinen
Synchronized Cooperative Simulation: OPC UA Based Approach
Anssi Niemi
Control and data collection software for automatic integrated circuit evaluation
Heikki Nikula
Integration of IEC 61131-3 tools to a systems engineering database
Ari-Heikki Rintaniemi
A framework for solving data mapping problems in message-based integration


Panu Auvinen
Service model for IT project delivery based on automation and duplication
Jaakko Hirvelä
Raw IPv6 traffic generation and handling in simulated test environment
Pekka Huhtinen
Information security of industrial control systems
Miikka Jokelainen
Auto-calibration of on-line analyzers in a wastewater treatment plant
Niko Koski
Kenttälaitteiden diagnostiikkaominaisuuksien hyödyntäminen lämpökeskusten kunnossapidossa
Kosti Lepojärvi
Data transmission of inverter-based photovoltaic system targeted for consumers
Tero Leskinen
Testilaitekonsepti painelähettimen lämpötilariippuvuuden määrittämiseen
Miika-Petteri Matikainen
The data transmission in photovoltaics system using wireless network and Internet technologies
Eero Norri
Identity federation networks, process and discovery
Matias Roimola
Developing a process model for commissioning testing of railway signaling systems
Sampo Tuominen
Applying machine vision in glassware quality control


Juho Cederström
Wireless local area communication of electric drives
Jussi Hölttä
Business Process Automation; From hours worked to salaries and billable hours
Juuso Korhonen
Online quality control techniques in LDPE production
Henri Koukka
Using 3D simulation models for verification of PLC-programs
Arttu Tapani Lamminpää
Calibration station for oil quality sensors
Antti Oksa
Renewal of Internet operator's company database system
Otso Palonen
Object-oriented implementation of OPC UA information models in Java
Petri Pyykkö
Dynamic testing of safety-critical software
Juha Ryhänen
Developing and establishing testing and deployment processes for system integration functions
Janne Salminen
Simulator-aided validation of PLC-programs
Jouni Salo
Systems integration in maritime business environment
Jouko Petri Virta
Application integration for production operations management using OPC Unified Architecture


Mikael Kristian Blomberg
Teleoperation system of a stacking crane
Markus Hartikainen
Formal verification of safety critical automation with model checking
Oskari Heikkinen
M2M in usage-based vehicle insurance
Anna Jern
On introducing information systems in organizations
Taya Karos
SAP Solution Manager in application service management
Henri Kemppe
Process information management system for unmanned ethanol factory network
Atte Kokkinen
Information security of building automation
Juha Koppinen
Centralized fault diagnostics data acquistion from frequency converters in wind farm environment
Tomi Kääriäinen
Integrating of production effectiveness information systems
Tony Leppänen
Suitability of a modern Enterprise Resource Planning system for a global company
Ilkka Melleri
Message-based integration using Enterprise Service Bus
Anssi Pekkola
Development of work cycle analysis system for a container crane
Petteri Tapani Raejärvi
measuring and developing service level in IT service providers business
Matti Rintala
Information integration for predictive maintenance
Sami Rintala
Service-oriented architecture and ontologies in predictive maintenance
Lucas Vikström
Semantic integration of health care information: Integration of RAI instruments


Matti Antila
Applying UML 2 techniques to batch processes and machine control
Andreas Frejborg
Architecture of advanced control systems and connections to distributed control systems
Ari Kanerva
Pulp & paper sectional drivers as an extended product
Tuomas Kivisaari
The validation of a welding machine as a business solution
Juha Koistinen
Verification and Troubleshooting in Mobile Core Networks - Possibilities of Simulated and Automated methods
Minna Korhonen
Configuration challenges of a modular product in medical industry
Tiina Kujansuu
More effective product data management trough integration of engineering applications
Tapio Loponen
Centralized data acquisition from remote communication modules of frequency converters
Henri Seppä
Integrated quality control system for meteorological observations
Riikka Viskari
Chemical testing setup for humidity sensors


Jasmine Emilia Talvikki Joensuu
Integration of military information exchange systems
Jani Järvinen
Specification of a purchasing tool for clients of contract logistics
Veli-Matti Lintu
Communication in a small distributed professional services organisation
Aki Ranin
Achieving competitive advantage through project business: A systems integrator's
Kirsi Siivola
Localization and identification technologies in the future hospital
Teppo Valtonen
Gaze Analysis Tool - software tool for tracker independent gaze analysis


Patrik Ajalin
Integrating a Web Content Management System to a Portal
Tero Hilska
An e-business solution for the stock market insider registry information
Håkan Hultholm
Historical Information Systems in Distribution Automation
Antti Jokela
Utilization of radio freqyency identification in part of an enterprise supply chain
Leena Kappinen
Remote support services for power plants-Case Russian utility
Ville Kinnunen
Allocation of Personnel Resources Needed for Patient Transfers
Pinja Korkela
Service Management in the Wholesale Business
Antti Mansikkamäki
Design methods for machine vision systems
Andreas Melin
A Programming Method for Sequential Control of Industrial Drives
Janne Piispanen
Specification of a Pricing Tool for Sawn Timber Products
Björn Salmi
Measurement of production effectiveness in a process information management system
Ergin Tuganay
Information Chain Management in Machine Vision Systems
Kimmo Tuukkanen
Representing Industrial Data Models in OWL Web Ontology Language
Jorma Varis
Documentation Methods Supporting Configurable Application Development - Case SAP R/3


Teppo Haantie
Document link management application for field device management software
Aki Hiisilä
Course Management System for basic courses in programming
Lassi Jalava
Modern lighting control automation and their lighting principles
Johan Jansson
Integrering av informationssystem inom hälsovården - utveckling av en återanvändbar integreringsmodell
Tuomas Kangasluoma
Rough-cut Production Planning at Sawmills
Anna-Kaisa Karessuo
Creating a validation process for sensing element manufacturing
Tuomas Kristian Kärki
Toiminnanohjausjärjestelmän käyttöönotto pienyrityksessä ASP-mallin mukaisesti
Otto Laurila
Fault Diagnostics of Mobile Work Machines - Case Straddle Carrier
Antti Leivo
Automotive Software Development
Markus Linja
Improving the positioning of tractor with sensor fusion
Mika Niemi-Nikkola
Functional printed circuit board tester as a part of slot machine production
Tuomas Ropponen
Automation av produktionslinjen för livsmedel
Tommi Rättyä
Roll Finishing Automation Systems Integration
Jonatan Rösgren
Semiautomatic Maintenance Assistance on a Diesel/Gas engine
Pekka Salimäki
Remote diagnostic of automation warehouse systems
Jarkko Syrjälä
Improving the yield of PCB factory by using statistical methods
Mikko Uoti
New collaborative business network technologies
Harri Vartiainen
Information Systems for Supporting Service Staff in Mineral and Metallurgy Industries
Ville Välimaa
E-procurement in multimetal corporation


Panu Alho
Laser-based dimension measurement of laterally transported sawn timber
John Henricson
Programmable Cellular Module - A Weather Station Application
Mikko Huotari
Push to Talk over Cellular and comparison with Voice over IP
Markku Karvonen
Reporting Systems Development with Business Intelligence in Construction Industry
Turo Keski-Jaskari
Modular platform for testing and demonstration of handheld electronic devices
Anssi Lehikoinen
Structure analysis of web defects
Tuomas Nieminen
Automation programs architectures and design patterns
Antti Pakonen
Information Agent Technology in Process Automation Systems
Markus Salonen
Service business development in a company manufacturing surface drilling rigs
Johan Salovius
Reuse in Enterprise Application Integration
Teemu Vehviläinen
Information Systems Supporting Service Business in Mineral and Metallurgy Industries


Patrik Lund
The acquisition of a simulation program for simulation and visualization of AGV systems. Anskaffning av simuleringsprogram för simulering och visualisering av automattrucksystem
Jinyi Luo
Ethernet as an Industrial Automation Network using Real-Time Middleware
Seppo Sierla
Middleware Solutions for Automation Applications - Case RTPS
Antero Vuorenmäki
Applying machine vision in clinical chemistry automation system


Tom Fortu
Enterprise Resource Planning - Integration with Automation Systems
Jukka Peltola
Distributed control systems - execution environment of a component based automation application
Teemu Raitis
Test automation software solution in just-in-time supply chain
Markku Salin
Wireless remote monitoring system for a gaming machine


Ville Santeri Bergström
Component traceability in electronics industry
Jerry Jalassola
XML-based messaging within application servers
Mika Ketola
Programming of the programmable logic controllers as a software engineering process
Jani Marjamaa
Increasing capacity of acceleration sensors production line
Jani Matikainen
Integrated system for home services
Mikko Rönkä
Using OPC in fieldbus data communication
Jussi Sihvola
System Drive Application for Frequency Converter and Control of Brushing Line
Janne Valkonen
Production planning methods in paper and steel


Tuomas Helistö
Using XML for supply chain integration
Jarno Honkanen
Information interfaces in warehouse systems
Petri Kalliokoski
Functional Specification of Information System Support for Virtual Enterprise Operational Scheme
Marko Mattila
Remote support system for process equipment - architecture and software technology


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