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Automation Technology Master's Theses


Jukka Johannes Ahola
Estimation of movement information in wireless local area networks


Mikko Hallikainen
Condition monitoring and reporting of the energydata management system


Muhammad Irshan Khan
Design and development of indoor positioning system for portable devices
Heikki Laitasalmi
Konenäköön perustuva nosturin käytön ja turvallisuuden seuranta


Sami Alaiso
Decision support system for agricultural contracting
Iiro-Pekka Eerola
Leakage localization in water distribution networks using simulation
Johan Grönholm
Developing a generic multi-machine simulator environment
Maria Hakonen
Towards the control of an upper-limb prosthesis using surface electromyography
Teemu Kemppainen
Stereo vision based planting spot detection in a continuously operating forest planter
Kalle Kietäväinen
Data collection network for Bluetooth low energy sensors
Jarkko Levo
Snow height measurement system on locomotive
Ville Matikainen
Cartesian control of an advanced tractor's rear hitch
Viljami Mäki
Applying path planning methods in bridge cranes
Susanna Nenonen
Automated measurements and pH control of microalgae cultivation
Henri Nieminen
Electric vehicle modification to test equipment
Mathias Chris Nyman
Performance measurement in lean and agile software development
Niko Nyrhilä
Real time feature tracking on omnidirectional camera image in forest environment
Tilman Pfeiffer
Pointing device for an astronaut robot team on a planetary exploration mission
Ville Rahikka
Extracting surface features from laser scanner data in the nuclear waste disposal process
Juha Rainvuori
Financial benefits for the sawmill industry of process measurements in the harvester head
Elyas Razzaghi
Design and qualification of on-board computer for Aalto-1 CubeSat
Martin Richter
Towards natural tactile feedback in artificial limbs
Roberto Sosa Cruz
Autonomous localization for small 4 wheel steering (4WS) robot
Joni Sundholm
Traffic control autonomous underground work machine fleet
David Swords
Artificial neural network approach to mobile robot localization
Erno Tahvanainen
Requirements for energy efficient lift drive
Antti S Toivonen
Identifying and Controlling Stray Reads at RFID Gates
Dorian Tsai
Autonomous vision-based docking of the tethered axel rover for planetary exploration
Mikko Tuohimaa
Development and performance analysis of a novel pulse oximetry measurement circuit
Reidar Udd
A laser-based pallet finder for an AGV
Mikko Vihlman
Detection, localization and species identification of young trees using machine vision


Sini Aalto
Designing socially intelligent machines for everyday life
Osama Khurshid
Navigation planning for satellite GNSS receivers in cold start conditions
Juuso Kinnunen
Test automation for payment terminals
Axel Kohonen
Further development of a fuel cell - electrolyser test bed and developing a microcontroller-based control system for it
Antti Kunnas
Embedded Control System for Agricultural Machinery implemented in Forage Harvesting
Ferdi Perdana Kusumah
Foot force sensor implementation and analysis of ZMP walking on 2D bipedal robot with linear actuators
Juho Pentikäinen
Data acquisition and analysis method of agricultural machinery without ISOBUS for basis of invoicing of agricultural contractor
Tapio Rautiainen
Automation of the sample prehandling process in a clinical chemistry analyzer
Anders Rex
Design of a caregiver programmable assistive intelligent environment
Zainab Saleem
Extended Kalman filter for optimal determination of position, velocity and time of Earth orbiting satellites using carrier phase measurements from GNSS constellations
Juha Santasalo
Measuring and control of the test bench of rotation sensors
Mikko Veli Juhani Seppälä
Virtual prototyping in design concept selection; A case study on a mobile robot
Ville Sydänmaanlakka
Automatic validation system for safety floor modules


Johannes Aalto
Home server platform for assistive automation
Antti Aspiala
Operation planning and decision-making methods in automatic crop farming
Sakari Aulanko
Intelligent health monitoring of paper machine based on data acquisition system
Henri Biström
Interfacing DPWS and oBIX building automation systems
Tuomas Haarnoja
Dynamic modeling and velocity control for Limit Cycle Walking
Yanning He
Development of a robust control software for a ball shaped robot
Lauri Hintsala
The simulation and energy efficient control of work hydraulics in series hybrid bucket loader
Antti Hölttä
A generic user interface framework for a service based distributed system and its application on controlling a multi-robot system
Visa Jokelainen
Recognition and localisation of young trees using machine perception
Petri Koskela
Design and implementation of attitude and heading reference system for small unmanned aerial vehicle
Teemu Kuusisto
A ceiling based computer controlled motorized standing up support pole
Erkki-Juhani Lämsä
Automating counterfeit Euro coin investigation; A feasibility study
Asad Ibne Moin
Position and orientation estimation of a front loader bucket using stereo vision
Matthieu Myrsky
Hardware abstraction interfaces for mobile robotic applications
Richard Paisley
Software control of an eight wheeled-legged hybrid robot
Sven Mikael Persson
Coordinated control of two robotic manipulators for physical interactions with astronauts
Mikko Pihlström
PEM fuel cell control with programmable logic controller
Mikko Pulli
A system for monitoring people's home activities
Gaoqiang Qian
Client-server communication and architecture of phonebook based mobile web application
Juuso Salonen
Sidestream gas exchange measurements and signal synchronization during bias flow ventilation
Yifei Shi
Design and construction of control system for a ball-shaped robot
Lassi Viitanen
Control of a fuel cell - hybrid system based on in-situ electrolytic production of hydrogen
Mikko Virkkilä
Testing framework for the command interface of a Bluetooth module
Mika Virtanen
Automation concept of the heat pump plant
Jan Zizka
Virtual 3D robotics environments


Diego Fernandes Boesel
Prediction of vehicle trajectories with map data for cooperative systems
Xi Chen
Effective localization and tracking utilizing stereo vision for planetary micro-rover ROSA
Emre Ilke Cosar
A Wireless Toolkit for Monitoring Applications
Antti Elonheimo
Control and data acquisition system of a single cylinder optical reseach engine
Teemu Hakala
Improvements, calibration and accuracy of the Finnish Geodetic Institute Field Goniospectrometer
Heikki Hyyti
Simultaneous localization and forest mapping using 2D and 3D laser scanners
Petri Hyötylä
Development of control hardware and associated software for a fuel cell power pack
Jouko Kalmari
Measurement of log using machine vision in harvester head
Antti I Karjalainen
Wireless sensor network platform for assistive automation applications
David Leal Martinez
Reconfigurable multi robot society based on Lego mindstorms
Jürgen Leitner
Multi-robot formations for area coverage in space applications
Antti Liesjärvi
Home automation system for supporting home living for elderly people
Henrik Nyman
Real time performance of generation 2 RFID eystems in industry and logistics
Nassir Workicho Oumer
Development of wireless control system for a spherical robot
Zengcai Qu
Intelligent diving control of Lagrangian type of underwater robot
Tero Ritari
Design and implementation of an IEC 61131-3 based programmable logic controller to a building automation system's room controller
Juha-Pekka Virkki
Managing preventive maintenance system in pharmaceutical packaging department
Melak Mekonen Zebenay
Manipulator control for physical astronaut-robot interaction


Juha Backman
Joined navigation of tractor and implement combination
Stefan Backman
Analysis and implementation of a novel building automation system
Tran Duy Vu Bui
Design and implementation of a vision system for planetary micro-rovers for geology research and enhanced odometry
David Cuacos Encarnacion
Automation and information technology solutions for buildings and homes
Tapio Finnilä
A Colorimetric Multivariable Feedback Control System for Test Environment Ambient Light Control
Khurram Gulzar
Impact dampening of a tracked rover
Jan Philipp Hakenberg
Mobility and autonomous reconfiguration of Marsokhod
Jukka Halme
Energy bus management in series-hybrid system
Simo Heimonen
Solid oxide fuel cell -tyyppisen 250 kilowatin voimalaitosyksikön automaatiokonsepti
Paavo Heiskanen
Development of a dynamic simulator of a mobile robot for astronaut assistance
Juha-Matti Houttu
Facility technical metrics; Industrial maintenance methods and solutions applied to facility maintenance
Simo Huotilainen
Improving the quality management system in an automation software development company
Anttoni Jaakkola
Modelling of road environment with a mobile laser scanner
Kari Johansson
Alternative navigation methods for automated- and semiautomated warehouse trucks
Petri Kukkonen
Facility maintenance metrics - tool for analyzing energy performance
Jakke Kulovesi
Structure from visual motion in forest environment
Rami Liesaho
Localization of home service robot in home and office environment
Arto Liuha
Measurement of customer roll diameter profile and its effects to winder runnability
Masaki Nagai
Control system for a spherical robot
Ville-Mikko Ojala
Performance of enzymically catalyzed fuel cell in air-breathing conditions
Saija Paavola
Fieldbus device profiles for motion control drivers
Kim Rinamo
A concept of automation engineering planning in office buildings
Farrukh Iqbal Sheikh
Real-Time Human Arm Motion Translation for the WorkPartner Robot
Asko Siitonen
Technology and modelling of biped robot
Hannu Suna
Survey of corporation's internal information flow for redefining the product data management system
Paavo Toiviainen
Analytical production reporting in the process industries
Tawon Uthaicharoenpong
Stability enhancement of reconfigurable robot
Mikko Vakkilainen
Developing and piloting of new technical solutions to support the caring of elderly people
Vicky Wong
Autonomous navigation system for MRoSA2 with focus on mobility and localization


Jason Allan
The Design of an Energy Management System
Pekka Autere
Model based balance control of a quadruped robot
Kim Björkman
Principles of Asynchronous Automation Systems
Stephan Busch
Design and Implementation of a Stereo Vision Based Navigation System for the Micro-RoSA-2 Mars Rover
Felix Cabrera
Immersive methods for long distance teleoperation with time delay
Hannes Filippi
Wireless Teleoperation of Robotic Manipulators
Eric Halbach
Development of a Simulator for Modeling Robotic Earth-Moving Tasks
Zhongliang Hu
Study and Implementation of Wheel Walking for a Mars Rover
Jamshed Iqbal
Tether Tracking and Control of ROSA Robotic Rover
Timo Keränen
Development of a pre-commercial 1 kilowatt polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell power pack
Petri Keski-Honkola
Pneumatic Muscle as an Actuator
Sakari Kettunen
Automatic Focal Layer Definition for a Panoramic Radiograph
Johannes Kokkila
Control of End-Tidal Gases in Anaesthesia Using Fuzzy Control Algorithms
Sampsa Kosonen
Tree Species Recognition with Machine Vision Using Color and Texture Analysis
Timo Kärkkäinen
The facilitation of automatic grade change on a paper machine from the scope of customer interviews
Sanna Laakso
Robotized Stone Matching Cell
Johanna Lantto
Software Development and Navigation of an Unmanned Underwater Vehicle
Tomi Laurell
Design of industrial wireless controller network
Thomas Maksimow
The implementation of an automatic crop farming simulation platform
Risto Miettinen
The electrical steering gear in podded propulsion system
Poornima Muralidhar
Development of Mobility Sysstem for Marsokhod Rover
Tuomas Niemelä
Possibilities of using RFID in industrial enterprise
Andreas Nyqvist
Development of a process control system for a bioreactor with multiple vessels
Ville-Matti Pätäri
Fieldbus-based data acquisition from electric drives and data sharing in metal industry applications
Misbahur Saad Rehman
State estimation technique for a planetary rover
Juho Salonen
Data acquisition systems for paper machine drives
Miika Telama
Solving the traceability of timber using radio frequency identification


Harri Ahlroth
Automatic calibration of block centering
Juhana Ahtiainen
Instrumentation of an Unmanned Ground Vehicle's Control System
Markku A Degerholm
Model development and testing for armoured electric vehicle
Matti Honkanen
The instrumentation and automation of the grid connection of a solid oxide fuel cell power plant
Janne Jussila
Agent-Based Approach to Supervisory Information services in Process Automation
Jaakko Jutila
Localization and Tree Measurement with Laser Scanner in a Forestry Macheine Perception System
Kosti Kannas
Tree Measurement with Machine Vision in a Perception System for Forestry Machines
Sakari Kauvosaari
Identification of causticizing and its control by model predictive control
Matti Kleemola
Markets of distributed control systems at finnish chemical industries
Jussi Likitalo
New control strategy of a distillation plant
Ilari Marstio
Natural user interfaces of industrial robot extended service robot
Tommi Muona
Camera system for a quay crane
Juhani Mönkkönen
Inventory control and demand forecasting in manufacturing industry
Miguel Pesquera Rodríguez
Speech Communication for Home Robotics
Jere Syvänne
Requirements Engineering and Software Preplanning for the Frequency Converter's Ethernet adapter


Jukka Göös
Construction and Automation of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Stack Test Unit
Matias Halinen
Development and Control of 5 kW Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Demonstration Unit
Seppo Sakari Heikkilä
Development of Laser Based Localisation Methods for Personal Navigation System - PeNa
Antti Kaikkonen
Availability Performance of Semi-automated Production Platform: Analysis and Improvement
Sami Kielosto
Effect of loading waveform to the power output of an enzymatic closed-cathode biofuel cell
Pauli Komi
Stereo Imaging and 3D Accuracy Assessment
Juha Korhonen
Probability of a failure on demand calculation of a safety related function
Tuomas Korhonen
A service robot embedded from an industrial robot
Petteri Lehtonen
Verification of Reactor Protection System reliability
Marek Matusiak
The Design of a Mobile Ball Shaped Unit Robot for Robot Society Studies
Mikko Miettinen
Fault diagnostics and telemaintanance solutions for mobile working machines
Tarek Mohsen
Development of Parametrical Off-line Programming Methods for Welding Robotics
Lauri Mäki
Control unit for magnetic stimulator for brains
Mikael Niemi
A study on the implementation of the IEC 61499 standard in the forest industry software engineering business
Vesa Ruusunen
Implementation and verification of a dynamic solid oxide fuel cell system model
Ville Saarainen
Monitoring the Aspiration Sequence of the Clinical Chemistry Analyzer
Teemu Vesanen
Operation of a fuel cell system in a building
Harto Viiala
The economy of reverse osmosis and electrodeionization systems compared to ion exchange systems in treatment of power plant make-up water treatment


Aino Ahonen
The process of selecting test runs in simulation aided automation testing
Miguel Arancón
Assistive Home Robotics for the Elderly and the Disabled
Dorothee Barth
Electro-Chemical Model of an Enzyme Catalyzed Fuel Cell
Giuseppe Calderone
Development of WorkPartner robot: Moving WorkPartner robot by exerting a force to its hand
Mikko Elomaa
Ultrasonic Sensor Systems for Human Localisation
Tuomas Kaski
Learning and performing skill demanding tasks with WorkPartner robot
Aleksi Kivi
Teleoperation System for a Service Robot
Giuseppe Pepe
Measuring and Control System for an Experimental PEM Fuel Cell
Teppo Pitkänen
Monilevykytkimien säädön kehittäminen
Mikko Rantamäki
Development of machine for automatic straightening of permanent cathodes
Petri Roine
Material management system of electrolysis plant
Tapio Taipalus
Using Remote Controlled Service Robot for Fetching Objects in Home Environment


Shanku Chakraborty
Agent based approach to fault recovery in a process automatin system
Milan Fajt
Information agents in process automation
Mikko Heikkilä
Management of software in service robot
Minna Hirsi
Integration of the subsystems of the service robot's cognitive user interface
Miika Jussila
Automation of a fuel cell test rig
Jere Knuuttila
TerveTaas - independent living assisted by home automation
Sasu Lehto
Theoretical and practical aspects of utilization of fieldbus technology in continuous coating color preparation processes
Richard Litassy
Development of probing mode for a robot leg
Hannu Malmberg
Siirtoverkon sähköaseman käyttöä tukeva tietoliikennejärjestelmä
Jouni Sievilä
Palvelurobotin suorittama etsintä- ja tunnistustehtävä
Hanna-Liisa Suontama
Use of signs for configuring tasks for service robots
Sami Terho
Surface inspection of steel billets using computer vision


Frauke Driewer
Virtual Reality User Interface for Home Automation and Home Robotics
Karim Honda
Utilization of multivariate methods in monitoring activated sludge plant operation
Harald Mayer
Communication with a ball-shaped robot in a Home Automation environment - a Bluetooth approach
Pierre Moermans
Open Service Gateway Implementation for House Monitoring
Antti Moijanen
TETRA network for automation communication
Timo Oksanen
Integration and implementation of oxygen converter simulator to the information system of a steel plant
Janne Paanajärvi
Modeling of bioprocesses using dynamic neural networks - case: filamentous fungus fermentations
Teppo Pirttioja
Agent-Augmented Process Automation System
Janne Riihimäki
Combining the control communication and the communication of the PC commissioning tools
Antti Ryhänen
Automation of a downdraft wood gasifier
Jari Saarinen
The development of the rowing assistant mechatronics
José María Vallet García
Comunicaciones y control remoto de un robot móvil con Bluetooth y wap


Jukka Juslin
Fuzzy Intrusion Detection System
Juha Karttunen
Ice load monitoring system for ice going ship
Kimmo Koho
The WWW Based Real-Time Reporting Software for Industrial Production
Markus Lönn
Algorithms for 1- and 3-phase measuring modules in an embedded motor controller
Miso Montonen
Motion Control of a Robot with a Hybrid Locomotion System
Petteri Paavolainen
Strateginen GPRS UMTS integraatio
Juha Rokka
Utilization of ship-automation for ship safety development
Aleksi Sipilä
Statistical control of coater start-up
Zoltan Skrabak
Kentauri-tyyppinen palvelurobotin manipulaattorin kinematiikka
Jussi Vallinkoski
Defining, modeling and comparison of simulated room modules


Juho Ali-Raatikainen
Capacity simulation in electronics production
Henri Hannula
Remote controlled drug administration system for interventional radiology
Bazsika Kornél
Visual User Interface tervezése a WorkPartner rotothoz
Teemu Levomäki
Control system of micro robot for planetary exploration
Mika Saarijärvi
Software engineering methods in the design of Automation
Perttu Tuomaala
Improving services for electric propulsion with remote diagnostics technologies
Aleksi Vesala
Optimization of controller area network of an agricultural tractor
Petri Virekoski
Etäläsnäoloon perustuva virtuaalitodellisuustuettu etähuoltojärjestelmä
Tuomas Viskari
Developing of the Reactive Power Controller
Sami Ylönen
Control system of the electromechanical leg of a service robot


Jukka Hakuni
Managing real-time data in maintenance
Olli Niemi
Kaksoispäälystyksen profilimittaus ja -säätö infrapunalämpömittauksen avulla
Markus Sjöberg
Reliability engineering methods in the design of Automation; The implementation of a Failure Reporting, Analysis and Corrective Action System
Eric Zenkner
Main program of Espoo's water distribution


Jaakko Eskelinen
Paperiradan pintavikojen ilmaisualgoritmin evaluointi
Asko Heikola
Development of the Lotus Notes based version control system for winder automation
Jyrki Korpinen
Identification of induction motor fault situation
Jun Ma
A case study on controlling multi-degree of freedom electromechanical system using CAN-bus (Controller Area Network)
Timo Punkka
Integration of Distributed Building Automation Systems - Design and Implementation
Marko Savela
Surface sensing of autonomous vehicle by utilising vehicle dynamics
Vesa Seppänen
Development of training course for a selectional drive system
Simon Spitzmüller
Microcontroller based control system for a rolling minirobot.
Tommi T Tuovila
Robotcell for manufacturing very large workpieces


Veli Pekka Aarnio
Human Pattern Recognition from Infrared Camera Image
Matti Alanen
Designing Co-ordinating Level Controls of a Power Plant
Jouni Aro
Vision-Based Pose Estimation and Environment Modeling in an Augmented Telepresence System
Idris A Gadoura
On Designing of Hexapod Climbing Robot with Static Stabilization
Tuomo Honkanen
Implementation ofan automatic data acquisition software of smart valves and its integration to automation systems
Pekka Kähkönen
The control and user interface of a multichannel magnetic stimulator
Mikko Porma
The Control of the Mechanical Grab with Frequency Converter Drives
Pasi Pänttäjä
Implementation of the design system for field instrumentation
Harri Pöyhönen
Optimizing the Production Schedule of Paper Mill by Using Genetic Algorithms
Joni Sandelin
Development of a modular coach computer projects control- and diagnostics systems
Tuomo Varila
Product model based on product data management in project business
Jussi Åkerberg
Automatic VLF observing station


Markus Aholainen
Etäohjattavan työkoneen operaattoriasema
Pekka Appelqvist
Design of an intelligent sensor/actuator robot for process control and robot society studies
Niklas Fridolfsson
ISO 9001 standardens krav på databehandlingsmöjligheterna i datornätverket hos ett armaturtillverkande företag
Mikko Friman
The utilization of multitasking operating systems and distributed object architectures in automation software
Janne Göös
Development of an Offer Calculation System for Synchronous Machines by Modern AI Methods
Jari Honkapää
A telepresence system based on stereoscopic vision and virtual reality
Jukka Huttunen
Development of Configuration of an Automation System
Kimmo Kokkonen
Development of the Ferry Positioning System Based on Laser Range Measurement
Timo Lahti
Interfacing simulator environment and programmable logic controllers
Hemmo Liinanotko
Mittausten verifiointi suoraan momenttisäätöön perustuvassa taajuusmuuttajassa
Kimmo Mikkonen
Märkävaraston valvontajärjestelmä
Hannu Pitkänen
Describing the dynamics of the chromatographic separation process with the multi-parameter input-output-model
Mikko Pitkänen
Profile Measurement and Quality Control of Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesive in the Production of Pressure Sensitive Laminate
Niko Rintala
An interactive augmented telepresence system for remote control of mobile robots


Jukka Antikainen
Software Solutions for PC-network based Data Gathering in the Manufacturing Industry
Juha Asunmaa
Sähkökäytön ohjauksen järjestelmäsimulointi
Liisa Helenius-Antikainen
Riskienhallinta sähkökäyttöjen toimitusprojekteissa
Kari Kaskes
Validointi ja laadunvarmistus lääketeollisuuden automaatiosuunnittelussa
Samuli Kinnunen
Improving overseas sales process of papermachine drives
Matti Kolehmainen
Application of the frequency converter based on Direct Torque Control
Mikko Lönnberg
A survey of the applicability of a new frequency converter to the production of wire by drawing
Jari Moilanen
Slurry density measurement combined with PSI 200 particle size indicator
Ari Savolainen
3D-simulation in designing flexible manufacturing
Ari Torpo
The Development of a Surveilance Robot Supervising Army Storage Areas
Manne Uussaari
Quality assurance and information management systems for analytical food laboratories


Antti Iittiläinen
System controller of the multidrive system
Jukka Kuusela
Millimeter wawe radar for close terrain mapping of an intelligent autonomous vehicle
Mika Metsojoki
Hyllystöhissin asemansäätö
Petteri Mäkelä
Ympäristösimulaattorin ohjausohjelmisto
Sami Pelkonen
Automation of respirometric system for measuring the degree of biodegradability of polymers
Sami Salmi
Freegait algorythm for a walking machine
Jan Stenlund
Effects of automation levels for production factors and payback time
Tom Toivonen
Analyzing human hand movements in the textile industry using stereoscopic vision
Antti Vuola
Environmental stress screening of electronic ballast for fluorescent lamps


Ilkka Helakorpi
Fault Diagnosis of Induction Motors
Jari Kallonen
Control and monitor of a private automatic branch exchange
Esa Koskimäki
Fuzzy logic in motion control of a vehicle
Jouni Manninen
A method for diagnosing instrument faults based on reasoning
Timo Marttinen
Simulation model for paper web tension control
Lea Myyryläinen
Integration of the building energy management and the security systems
Kari Pietiläinen
Flexible manufacturing systems in different industrial environments
Kari Simolin
Jatkuvasti virtaavan materiaalin katkaisun servoteknisen kokonaisohjauksen kehitys
Mika Vainio
Design of an autonomous small-scale mobile robot, HUTMAN, for robot society studies


Kari Heinonen
Sähkökäytön käyttöliittymän kehittäminen
Mika Järvinen
Efficiency optimization of hydropower plant
Janne Kankare
Recognition of Macrostate Transitions of Bioprocesses with the Aid of Black Box Models
Kari Kärkkäinen
Stability and attitude control of a walking machine
Sami Larkimo
Formation and use of a spectrum in an x-ray fluorescent analyzer
Tuomo Nupponen
Kasvinalkioiden luokittelu hermoverkkojen avulla
Pekka Nuutinen
Construction of an automated fishbreeding plant
Jarmo Puputti
Autonomisen, liikkuvan robotin pilotointijärjestelmän kehitystyö
Jussi Suomela
A dynamic positioning system for AGV based on geometric known landmark and camera
Timo Yli-Saari
Implementation of application programming tools for electric drives
Timo Äijälä
Control of a fluidized bed granulator and modelling of the drying process


Jarmo Antikainen
Man-machine interface for a building energy management and control system which is independent of equipment suppliers
Tarja Hyppänen
Automatic picking control in a production storage system
Antero Kaukonen
Control and data management of fluid-bed granulator processes in pharmacy
Reijo Leinonen
Distributed multidrive control system for the paper industry and its data transmission
Mika Matikainen
Control System of a Track Vehicle for Construction Automation
Tapio Moisio
Task division between the PC supervisor program and the PLC in the automation control hierarchy
Markku Ojala
Operator-station for an autonomous vehicle
Jukka Tapio Pitkänen
A computer control system for leg control of a walking machine
Harri Rasehorn
Development of Web Tension Measurements on Paper Machine for Roll Control
Lasse Ventola
Web tension control in a coater machine


Marcus Eriksson
Styrsystemet och programmering av en portalrobot i en FMS-cell
Kari Hartikainen
Motion-planning og a multilegged walking machine using periodic gaits
Matti Huhtanen
Cost calculation system for process automation investments
Janne Kari
Microcomputers in industrial automation mechanical wood processing as an application example
Jyrki Karppinen
The automation of a fluidized-bed granulator for pharmaceutical manufacturing
Juha Lassila
Coat weight measurement by the differential ash method
Ilkka Luukka
TMP-jauhimen ohjaukset ja lukitukset
Liisa Pirttilä
Pattern Recognition as a Measuring Method in Malting
Jouni Rantanen
Cross Direction Moisture Control of Coated Paper
Markku Rauhala
Sulfaattitehtaan vuokeittolinjan hallinnan kehittäminen
Torsten Schönberg
Utveckling samt grundläggande programmering av testplattform till automatiskt styrsystem för fordon
Risto Vuopala
Locating an agricultural tractor on field using a dead-reckoning method


Juha Lappalainen
Shop floor data collection in real time and its applications in batch production
Markku Ruhanen
Alihankintatoiminnan kehittäminen joustavien tuotantosolujen valmistuksessa
Arto Smolander
Adopting an expert system in the production management of an integrated pulp and paper mill
Esko Syvänen
The optimizing control program of a process management system
Timo Toissalo
Vikadiagnostiikka ja virheistä toipuminen automaattisessa tuotantosolussa
Osmo Vehviläinen
Tehtaan Tietojärjestelmien yhteensovittaminen
Heikki Viika
Käytönvalvontajärjestelmän valvomotyöaseman suunnittelu


Jari Antero Alatalo
CNC-ohjauksen liitäntävalmiudet FMS-solussa
Kari Heikkilä
Mittausohjelmisto etäisyysanturin soveltamiseksi robottihitsauksen railonseurantaan
Pasi Hälli
An Expert System in Automation of Winder
Juha Järvinen
Study of the technology of walking machines
Jari Kallela
Modelling and Automation of Coating Process
Martti Kauppinen
Expert System in Process Automation
Pekka Myllynen
Sähköverkon koulutussimulaattorin toteutus mikrotietokoneella
Jarmo Mäkelä
An expert system supporting bioreactor control
Miki Sirola
Process and control design tools in the process simulator
Ilkka Kullervo Yläkoski
Välähdysfotoanalyysilaitteiston automatisointi


Jouni Hartikainen
Sinkkipuhdistamon liuotusprosessin ohjauksen tukijärjestelmä
Sauli Kanerva
Lausekepohjaisen logiikan toteutus eräässä prosessitietokonejärjestelmässä
Kari Korhonen
Mikroprosessipohjaisten prosessiteollisuuden automaatiojärjestelmäsovellutusten häirösuojaus
Antti Kuisma
Selvitys automaation mahdollisuuksista parantaa kappaletavaramaalaamon tuottavuutta
Kari Loukola
Teollisuusrobotin valmistuksen laadunvarmistus
Ilkka Raiskinen
Solution environment for a process simulation
Matti Saastamoinen
Laivan dynaamisen positointijärjestelmän kehitysympäristö
Lauri Tunkelo
PC-pohjainen puheentunnistus teollisuusautomaatiossa
Olli Välisalmi
Assembly automation with a robot in the electrical shop industry