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Doctoral dissertations

Automation Technology

Ilkka Leppänen
Automatic locomotion mode control of wheel-legged robots (2007)
Timo Oksanen
Path planning algorithms for agricultural field machines (2007)
Anja Appelqvist
Development of a biocatalytic fuel cell system for low-power electronic applications (2006)
Sami Ylönen
Modularity in service robotics (2006)
Hans Aalto
Real-time receding horizon optimisation of gas pipeline networks (2005)
Jussi Suomela
From teleoperation to the cognitive human-robot interface (2004)
Jorma Selkäinaho
Adaptive autonomous navigation of mobile robots in unknown environments (2002)
Pekka Forsman
Three-dimensional localization and mapping of static environments by means of mobile perception (2001)
Arto Visala
Modeling of nonlinear processes using Wiener-NN representation and multiple models (1997)

Control Engineering

Maurizio Bocca
Application-driven data processing in wireless sensor networks (2011)
Mikael Björkbom
Wireless control system simulation and network adaptive control (2010)
Alexander Mendelson
Identification and control of deposition processes (2010)
Antti Pohjoranta
Computational models for microvia fill process control (2010)
Kalevi Tervo
Human adaptive mechatronics methods for mobile working machines (2010)
Olli Haavisto
Reflectance spectrum analysis of mineral flotation froths and slurries (2009)
Kalle Halmevaara
Simulation assisted performance optimization of large-scale multiparameter technical systems (2009)
Vesa Hölttä
Plant performance evaluation in complex industrial applications (2009)
Jani Kaartinen
Machine vision in measurement and control of mineral concentration process (2009)
Ali Al.Towati
Analysis and QFT-based robust control design of switched-mode power converters (2008)
Lasse Eriksson
PID controller design and tuning in networked control systems (2008)
Visa Korkiakoski
Improving the performance of adaptive optics systems with optimized control methods (2008)
Faisal A Mohamed
Microgrid modelling and online management (2008)
Vesa Hasu
Radio resource management in wireless communication: beamforming, transmission power control, and rate allocation (2007)
Kari Tammi
Active control of radial rotor vibrations - Identification, feedback, feedforward, and repetitive control methods (2007)
Kalle Kantola
Modelling, estimation and control of electroless nickel plating process of printed circuit board manufacturing (2006)
Tapio Mäenpää
Robust model predictive control for cross-directional processes (2006)
Timo Virtanen
Fault diagnostics and vibration control of paper winders (2006)
Kaj Juslin
A companion model approach to modelling and simulation of industrial processes (2005)
Jari Paanasalo
Modelling and control of printing paper surface winding (2005)
Mohammed S Elmusrati
Radio resource scheduling and smart antennas in cellular CDMA communication systems (2004)
Sanna Pöyhönen
Support vector machine based classification in condition monitoring of induction motors (2004)
Ander Tenno
Modelling and evaluation of valve-regulated lead-acid batteries (2004)
Paavo Viitamäki
Hybrid modeling of paper machine grade changes (2004)
Kai Zenger
Modelling, analysis and controller design of time-variable flow processes (2003)
Idris M Gadoura
Design of robust controllers for telecom power supplies (2002)
Z Uykan
Clustering-based algorithms for radial basis function and sigmoid perceptron networks (2001)
Jean-Peter Ylén
Measuring, modelling and controlling the pH value and the dynamic chemical state (2001)
Robert Tenno
Development of control strategy for partially observed stochastic systems (in Russian) (1987)

Generic Intelligent Machines

Seppo Heikkilä
Affordance-based task communication methods for astronaut-robot cooperation (2011)
Tapio Taipalus
ActionPool: A novel dynamic task scheduling method for service robots (2010)
Mikko Heikkilä
Configuration of skilled tasks for execution in multipurpose and collaborative service robots (2009)
Jari Saarinen
A sensor-based personal navigation system and its application for incorporating humans into a human-robot team (2009)
Teppo Pirttioja
Applying agent technology to constructing flexible monitoring systems in process automation (2008)

Information and Computer Systems in Automation

Marko Mattila
Improving the Robustness and Reliability of Industrial On-line Analyzers Using Condition Monitoring Technologies and Remote Support (2008)
Seppo Sierla
Adapting problem solving strategies in control software development to new standards: case examples IEC 61499 and ISOBUS (2007)
Ilkka Seilonen
An Extended Process Automation System: An Approach Based on a Multi-Agent System (2006)
Tuomo Honkanen
Modelling Industrial Maintenance Systems and the Effects of Automatic Condition Monitoring (2004)
Tommi Karhela
A Software Architecture for Configuration and Usage of Process Simulation Models: Software Component Technology and XML-based Approach (2002)
Hannu Mäkelä
Outdoor Navigation of Mobile Robots (2001)
Seppo Kuikka
A batch process management framework / Domain-specific, design pattern and software component based approach (1999)