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Semi-automated surface grinding

Methods and equipment for semi-automated surface grinding, based on interactive working of a human operator and a robot (1989-1991)

(Forsman, Halme)

Surface grinding tasks are heavy, monotonous and unhealthy, which has made it difficult to get workers to do them. In tasks where a higher quality is needed, accurate and continuous monitoring of the process stage is required for a proper completion. This is why such grindings are still done mainly manually. Robots could be used to carry out this hard task, provided that a suitable teaching method and work monitoring system is available. A grinding task is, however, in many case a very complicated one and needs human skill to be completed successfully. The aim of the project is to develop an interactive scheme for the robot grinder which uses in-situ operator feedback in task planning and surface quality monitoring. The interactive robot work cell, described in the earlier chapter, and related extensive software both developed in an earlier research project, are further utilised in this project. The project is financed by the Finnish Work Environment Fund.