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SpaceMasters's Degree Structure at School of Electrical Engineering

NEW: Updated 19.3.2014

Space Science and Technology module ICourses from UW30
Space Science and Technology module IICourses from Kiruna30
Space Robotics and Automation moduleAalto courses17-18
Elective ModuleAalto courses3
Methodological Principles ModuleAalto courses10
Masters' ThesisAalto Thesis30

Courses at School of Electrical Engineering for Round Nine 2014-2015

Space Robotics and Automation module

  • AS-84.1137 Robotics (Fall Period II) 3cr
  • AS-84.3144 Field and Service Robotics (Fall Periods I & II) 5cr
  • AS-84.3411 Seminar in Space Robotics and Automation (Spring Periods III-IV) 4cr

In addition, select 5-6 credits from:

  • AS-84.3127 Localization and navigation methods (Paikannus- ja navigointimenetelmät)(Spring III), 3 cr
  • AS-74.3136 Introduction to Microsystems (Spring III-IV), 3 cr
  • AS-74.3178 Micro- and Nanorobotics (Fall I-II), 4 cr
  • S-92.2110 Radio Science for Space and Environmental Applications (Fall I), 2 cr
  • S-92.3114 Spaceflight Instrumentation (Fall I-II), 6 cr
  • ELEC-A4930 Astronomical View of the World (Spring III-IV), 3 cr

NOTE: Some of the elective courses take place during spring time. The student needs to consider extremely carefully whether it will be possible to carry out the course at the same time with the Thesis research and writing. The academic coordinator at Aalto is available for counseling with the issue.

Elective module

Methodological Principles Module

  • AS-84.3128 Estimation and Sensor Fusion Methods (Fall Period I ) 4cr
  • AS-84.3126 Machine Perception (Fall Period II) 3cr
  • S-81.2200 Embedded Systems (Fall Period I) 3cr

Course descriptions

Follow the links above to NOPPA-pages to learn about course contents and requirements.


Finnish Language

SpaceMaster students must take 3 credits in one single language. SpaceMaster program includes Finnish basic course classes Finnish 1A and in addition an introduction to Finnish culture. ( Finnish students may continue some other foreign languages at advanced fifth level.

NOTE: Language classes usually get filled very quickly and you need to roll in via Internet-based WebOodi-system two weeks beforehand, preferably during first hours after opening the site.

English Language Support

English teacher is involved in SpaceMaster program by participating in SpaceMaster seminar.

Optional English classes

SpaceMasters have found very useful the many English classes our Language Centre provides. You may take advantage of this free service and take as many classes as you can manage aside of the other studies. Have a look at what they have to offer in The credits will be additional and outside of SpaceMaster programme, but visible in your final course listing.


For every student the topic will be selected and modified individually considering the interests and background of the student. The topics will be available after student interviews in October-November. At the local SpaceMaster website behind the 'Projects' -link there are discriptions of the hardware that have been used in many SpaceMaster thesis projects. Examples from previous years' SpaceMaster Theses can be found behind the links 'Previous Years' -> (Select year) ->'Theses'..