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TKK SpaceMaster 2006/2007 group picture

In the picture (from left to right): Prof. Aarne Halme, Seppo Heikkila, Eric Halbach, Prof. Kalevi Hyyppä, Tomi Ylikorpi, Hannes Filippi, Stephan Busch, Misbahur Rehman, Zhongliang Hu, Jason Allan, Poornima Muralidhar, and Jamshed Iqbal.

TKK SpaceMaster 2007/2008 group picture

In the picture (Top Row): Jan Hakenberg, Tran Duy Vu Bui, Félix Cabrera Garcia, WoPa-Robot, Tomi Ylikorpi (tutor), Prof. Aarne Halme, Prof. Kalevi Hyyppä, Hu Zhongliang (SpaceMaster 2007). (Bottom Row): Tawon Uthaicharoenpong, Vicky Wong, Masaki Nagai, Khurram Gulzar, Farrukh Iqbal Sheikh, J2B2-robot. On the right, on top of the Lander Model (built buy SpaceMasters Stephan and Misbah in 06-07) robots MRosa-2, Gimball and Marsokhod. Tawon's Balancing Robot barely visible. Missing from picture is Paavo Heiskanen.

TKK SpaceMasters 2008/2009 group picture

TKK SpaceMasters 2008/2009 arrive from Brazil, Austria, China, Mexico, and Ethiopia. In the picture: Diego Fernandes Boesel, Jürgen Leitner, Chen Xi, Qu Zengcai, David Leal Martinez, Melak Mekonen Zebenay & Nassir Workicho Oumer

TKK/Aalto SpaceMasters 2009/2010

SpaceMasters in TKK/Aalto for the year 2009-2010 arrive from Canada, Finland, Scotland, China, and Bangladesh. In the picture: (Top row) Mikael Persson, Tuomas Haarnoja, Richard Paisley, (below) Yifei Shi, He Yanning & Asad Moin

TKK/Aalto SpaceMasters 2010/2011

SpaceMasters for Round 5 in Aalto for the year 2010-2011 arrive from Indonesia, Pakistan, Iran and Ireland. In the picture: Elyaz, Zainab, Osama, David & Ferdi along with WorkPartner/SpacePartner robot.

Aalto ELEC SpaceMasters 2011-2012

SpaceMasters for Round 6 in Aalto ELEC for the year 2011-2012 arrive from Germany, Pakistan, Canada, Mexico and India. In the picture: Tilman Pfeiffer, Muhammad Irshan Khan, Dorian Tsai, Roberto Sosa Cruz and Dharma Teja Srungavruksham among the trees in Otaniemi student village.

Aalto ELEC SpaceMasters 2012-2013

SpaceMasters for Round 7 in Aalto ELEC for the year 2012-2013 arrive from Lithuania, India, and Mexico. In the picture: Ivan Sinkarenko, Anuraj Rajendraprakash, WorkPartner a.k.a. SpacePartner (SpaceMaster forever) and Jaime Hernandez Zarate.

Aalto ELEC SpaceMasters 2013-2014

SpaceMasters for Round 8 in Aalto ELEC for the year 2012-2013 arrive from Serbia,Germany, India, and Ethiopia. In the picture: Nemanja Jovanovic, Oliver Ruf, Michael Strohmeier, Franz Steinmetz, Christina Sherly John Bensam and Tesmichael Getahun.