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SpaceMaster Weekly calendar 2014-2015 at Aalto updated

2014.05.13 Weekly calendar 2014-2015 updated. Have a look under the 'Schedule'-link.

SpaceMaster Curriculum at Aalto updated 2014.03.17 New updated SpaceMaster curriculum at Aalto School of Electrical Engineering was released. Have a look under the 'Studies'-link.

2013.10.07 Another SpaceMaster dinner in Dipoli
In October the SpaceMasters from current and previous rounds staying in Finland gathered again for some pizza, pasta, beer and chat. Fourteen SpaceMasters students from rounds 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, and 8 were present.

2011.09.26 Another SpaceMaster dinner in Dipoli
On Monday evening September 26th the SpaceMasters from current and previous rounds staying in Finland gathered for some pizza, pasta, beer and chat. Fifteen SpaceMasters students were representing all previous and the current SpaceMaster rounds. Only four SpaceMasters still located in Finland were not able to participate. In the picture from left Dorian (6th round), Khurram (2nd), Roberto (6th), Muhammad (6th), Tilman (6th), Eric (1st), Xen (3rd), Tuomas (4th), Ferdi (5th), Qu(3rd), Tomi(tutor), Ross (1st), Richard (4th), Dharma (6th), Kashif (3rd), Seppo (instructor) and Osama (5th).

2011.01.01 Department of Automation and Systems Technology belongs now to Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering. Since Jan. 1st 2011 Aalto University School of Science and Technology -what used to be the Helsinki University of Technology- no more exists as the School of Science and Technology was split into four separate schools inside Aalto University. Aalto University consists now of 6 schools: School of Art and Design, School of Economics, School of Chemical Technology, School of Electrical Engineering, School of Engineering and School of Science.

7.12.2010 Professor Kazuya YOSHIDA from Tohoku University (Japan) gave a seminar talk on ‘Robotics and Space Technology at Tohoku University’
Prof. Yoshida is one of the world’s leading researchers in Space Robotics. The Tohoku University Space Robotics Laboratory, led by Professor Yoshida, is dedicated to the research and development of the robotic systems for space science and exploration missions. The laboratory has contributed to the Engineering Test Satellite-VII (launched in 1997 for orbital robotics experiments) and "Hayabusa" asteroid sample-return probe (launched in 2003 and expected to return in 2010). Today one of their focus is on the mechanics and control of lunar exploration rovers, including technologies for remote planetary exploration, mapping and localization in the unstructured environment, rough terrain mobility, and teleoperation with time delay.

2010.11.15 SpaceMaster dinner in Dipoli On Monday evening November 15th the SpaceMasters from current and previous rounds staying in Finland gathered for some pizza, pasta, beer and chat. Ten Masters and two from staff managed to arrive in the informal evening. In the picture on Left front David (3rd round), Eric (1st), Vicky (2nd), Ray (staff), Osama (5th), Zainab (5th); Right Ferdi (5th), Elyas (5th), Tomi (staff), Xen (3rd), Qu (3rd) and Kashif (3). There was someone to present each of previous SpaceMaster rounds, except the 4th, although two students also from round 4 are staying in Espoo.

Another visitor from NASA/JPL In May 2010 we had a privilege to host another interesting lecturer from NASA/JPL Mobility & Robotic Systems Section; Senior Research Scientist Abhinandan Jain (Ph.D.) from Dynamics and Real-Time Simulation (DARTS) Laboratory visited us shortly, learned about our robotics reserach and gave a lecture on robotics simulations and simulator development going on in JPL, including Darts Lab M&S overview, ROAMS - planetary rover simulator and LSOS - Lunar surface operations simulator.

2010.01.01 Helsinki University of Technology is now Aalto University School of Science and Technology. The Aalto University School of Science and Technology was formerly known as Helsinki University of Technology (TKK). The new name has been active since beginning of 2010 after formation of the new Aalto University by joining three Finnish universities: the Helsinki School of Economics, the University of Art and Design Helsinki and Helsinki University of Technology.

2009.04.20-21 Planetary rover symposium
In the symposium world leading space robotics scientists gave presentations on history, status and technologies of planetary robotics. Invited guest speakers were (in photo from left to right):

  • Mr. Alexei Bogatchev, Executive director of Science & Technology Rover Company, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Mr. Gianfranco Visentin, Head of Automation and Robotics Section, ESA/ESTEC
  • Dr. Richard Volpe, Manager of the Mobility and Robotic Systems Section of the Autonomous Systems Division, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA.
  • Dr. Juha Röning, Computer Engineering Laboratory, University of Oulu

Prof. Aarne Halme, TKK, acted as the host.

Courtesy ESA/ESTECCourtesy NASA/JPL-CaltechCourtesy RCL-Company

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