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Welcome to Aalto University
School of Electrical Engineering

On behalf of the staff of the Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering (Aalto ELEC) we wish you welcome to the Department of Automation and Systems Technology.


We welcome students interested in automation and mobile robotics technology. From applicants wishing to come to Aalto ELEC for the second year we expect to see experience and interest in electronics, embedded systems, control theory, Linux and programming with C/C++. (See Aalto ELEC Requirements for more info.)

Studies in Otaniemi campus start in early September and graduation ceremony takes place in early September one year later. Time reserved for Thesis work extends from late December to mid August.

Admittance to Aalto ELEC

Once you have been accepted as a student for Aalto ELEC the admission letters will be sent to you during spring time. Please notice that you must confirm your acceptance of the student position or otherwise you will lose it. Attached to the admission letter you will find instructions how to do the confirmation.
Also see: Instructions for new degree students.

Applying for Visa

Processing of Visa application takes about one month, so be early with your application. Remember to attach to the application form a copy of your admission letter from Aalto and particulars of your scholarship. Notice that you have to apply for Visa while you are still in Sweden, and you must receive your Visa personally in Sweden.

Orientation Days for newcomers

International Student Services arranges the Orientation Days for international students, together with the Student Union, in the beginning of both Autumn and Spring term: in early September and mid-January. All international students who are starting their studies are expected to participate.

More info: Orientation days (Otaniemi campus)l


Students who wish to be enrolled at Aalto ELEC must register their presence during the registration period in the beginning of the academic year. New international students may register upon arrival to Aalto ELEC. If students wish to attend lectures or examinations, they must register their presence.
Also see: Instructions for new degree students.

To be able to register for the University you must have:

  • The official letter of acceptance signed by the Dean.
  • Passport or official identification card
  • Proof of the payment of the Student Union membership fee

Your First Classes

The first activities start with the Orientation Days, check from for more info.
Enrolling to the Finnish language class must happen through WEBOODI during the first week of September latest. Instructions on how to do this are given during the Orientation Days. More info about Finnish classes in

Free-time activities

In addition to studies there are a lot of other activities as well. Mostly this is to get to know a bit about Finnish culture and student way of life. All the departments at TKK have a guild (a student association) of their own. During the academic year the Guild of Automation and Systems Technology organizes a lot of activities for its members. You may also join the guild while you are staying here. There will be activities such as sports, cultural happenings and company visits, and you will hear more about them during the autumn semester. The Guild has named student tutors especially for SpaceMaster students. Student tutors will guide you through your first days at campus. The guild members will pick you up from the airport. The guild members will also arrange so that you will receive your house-keys as soon as you get to Helsinki. They will also help you with daily matters, such as opening bank accounts and finding student restaurants.

As soon as you know the exact date of your arrival, please let us know so that we can organize ourselves to the airport or harbor to meet you.


Expecting to meet You soon,

Ville Kyrki,      Annika Salama,      Tomi Ylikorpi,            
ProfessorPlanning officerResearcher