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Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ-section applies for SpaceMaster studies performed at Aalto University.

1) Is it possible to do the Master thesis in the industry?
Answer: Due to very tight schedule we prefer doing the SpaceMaster Thesis here at our own lab where we can define the topic according to our expertise and where we have supervision close and available at every moment.

2) Is it possible to find by myself a topic in some company in Finland?
Answer: Any negotiations concerning the topic shall be conducted solely by and with the Aalto staff.

3) Is it possible to make the thesis in field of structural mechanics?
Answer: That could be possible in a case when we have a case requiring such structural analysis of our own robotic platform.

4) Is it possible to make the thesis in field of satellite attitude control?
Answer: A topic with attitude control falls outside our expertise and there are other universities in SpaceMaster consortium who can give better support on that specific topic.

5) My internship abroad during summer will end the last day of September. Can I start in Aalto after that?
Answer: Necessary introductory courses start in the very beginning of September and SpaceMaster classes start immediately after the first exam period. See the SpaceMaster schedule in and exact dates for periods in Academic calendar. SpaceMaster students should be present here already during the very first days of September.

6) I am interested in a practical job during the summer vacations between June and September. Do you have any places?
Answer: For summer time we may have a couple of openings to be applied by all students. In case you wish to apply for summer job, send us a short application showing your background and practical experience. You may expect for reply in May.

7) Is it possible to arrange accommodation via University if I get a summer job for 3 months in your lab?
Answer: During summertime there may be some vacant accommodation. You need to apply for accommodation from our housing office.

8) What would be the name of the degree awarded once we graduate from Aalto University?
Answer: The degree awarded by our university is Master of Science in Technology, M.Sc.(Tech.). On the Diploma cover page it reads: “N.N. has completed the M.Sc.(Tech.) degree in Master's Degree Program in Space Science and Technology.”

9) Is it possible to take additional extra classes?
Answer: Yes, it is possible to take additional extra courses. Extra courses will be visible in your transcript as additional courses, they cannot be included in SpaceMaster programme that has a fixed structure.

10) Which additional courses are offered in English?
Answer: You can find info on courses lectured in English at Department of Automation and Systems Technology here: WebOodi \\
Select 'Search' from the left side bar, select 'Course' as for 'Type of study event', 'Department of Automation and Systems Technology' as for'Organisation' and 'English' as for 'Teaching language'.

11) Can you release a list of master thesis topics that will be offered by the University this year?
Answer: The list will be prepared in October-November considering also the skills and background of SpaceMaster students being present.

12) Is Finnish a compulsory course?
Answer: Yes it is.