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The Theses of the sixth round were examined by professor Emeritus Aarne Halme from Aalto and professor Thomas Gustafsson from Luleå. Laboratory personnel as personal instructors for the students were Sami Terho, Timo Oksanen and Tomi Ylikorpi.

Dorian Tsai, researching visual localization and docking algorithms for a mobile robot, spent 4 months in NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California (USA).

The following Thesis topics were given to the sixth round students:

  • Tilman Pfeiffer, Pointing device for an astronaut robot team on a planetary exploration mission, abstract pdf
  • Roberto Sosa, Autonomous Localization for a Small 4 Wheel Steering (4WS) Robot and Comparison with Planetary Rovers, abstract pdf
  • Dorian Tsai, Autonomous Vision-Based Docking of the Tethered Axel Rover for Planetary Exploration, abstract pdf
  • Muhammad Irshan Khan, Design and Development of Indoor Positioning System for Portable Devices, abstract pdf

SpaceMasters joined the Aalto ELEC graduation ceremony September 6th. 2012.

The graduation of the sixth round Aalto SpaceMaster students took place among with other graduates from Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering on September 6th. 2012. Dorian Tsai gave a speech on behalf of the graduates.

The SpaceMaster graduates

The graduates, instructors and Professor Emeritus Aarne Halme in TUAS lobby.