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Theses 2008

The Theses of the second round again revealed high motivation and hard working of SpaceMasters which concluded with high-quality Thesis reports. The Theses were examined by professors Aarne Halme from TKK and Kalevi Hyyppä from Luleå. Laboratory personnel as personal instructors for the students were Seppo Heikkilä, Peter Jakubik, Marek Matusiak, Pekka Forsman, Mikko Elomaa, Sami Terho, Mikko Heikkilä and Tomi Ylikorpi.

Two European students, Félix Cabrera Garcia and Paavo Heiskanen, received a grant from European Space Agency, Directorate of Human Space Flight in suport for their Thesis research.

The following Thesis topics were given to the second round students:

  • Tran Duy Vu Bui, Design and implementation of a vision system for planetary micro-rovers for geology research and enchanced odometry abstract pdf,
  • Félix Cabrera Garcia, Immersive methods for long distance teleoperation with time delay abstract pdf,
  • Khurram Gulzar, Impact Dampening of a Tracked Rover abstract pdf,
  • Jan Philipp Hakenberg, Mobility and autonomous reconfiguration of Marsokhod abstract pdf, Videos in YouTube.
  • Timo Paavo Kalevi Heiskanen, Robot dynamic simulator development and interfacing abstract pdf, Videos in YouTube.
  • Masaki Nagai, Control System of a Ball-shaped Robot abstract pdf,
  • Farrukh Iqbal Sheikh, Human Robot Interface for the Space Partner abstract pdf, Videos in YouTube.
  • Tawon Uthaicharoenpong, Stability enhancement of reconfigurable robot abstract pdf, Videos in YouTube.
  • Vicky Wong, Navigation for a Tracked rover Rosa with a lander based stereo-vision system abstract pdf, Videos in YouTube.