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Future-Space Technology at Helsinki University of Technology -symposium 15.10.2007

In this symposium held at TKK AS-Department SpaceMaster students Masaki, Tawon and Ross presented the program for the Finnish audience. Masaki gave his impressive greetings in fluent Finnish language!

Other speakers of the evening were:

  • Päivi Jukola presenting the XPrize-competition
  • Tomi Ylikorpi, Erasmus Mundus SpaceMaster - program
  • Timo Brander (TKK, Department of Mechanical Engineering ), Space activities in Laboratory of Lightweight structures
  • Juho Lumme (TKK, Department of Surveying), Space activities in Institute of Fotogrammetry and Remote Sensing
  • Simo Tauriainen (Dept of Electrical Engineering), activities in Laboratory of Space Technology

On the whole the evening collected the space related activities from the TKK all together into nice gathering. Host of the evening was professor Aarne Halme from Department ofa Automation and Systems Technology. Päivi Jukola and Tomi Ylikorpi took care of practical arrangements.