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Round 2, 2007-2008

The second round nine SpaceMaster students arrived to TKK in late August / early September 2007. They are:

  • Tran Duy Vu Bui (Vietnam)
  • Félix Cabrera Garcia (Spain)
  • Khurram M Gulzar (Pakistan)
  • Jan Philipp Hakenberg (Germany)
  • Timo Paavo Kalevi Heiskanen (Finland)
  • Masaki Nagai (Japan)
  • Farrukh Iqbal Sheikh (Pakistan)
  • Tawon Uthaicharoenpong (Thailand)
  • Vicky Wong (Canada)

TKK SpaceMaster 2007/2008 Thesis presentation group picture

In the picture (Top Row): Jan Hakenberg, Tran Duy Vu Bui, Félix Cabrera Garcia, WoPa-Robot, Tomi Ylikorpi (tutor), Prof. Aarne Halme, Prof. Kalevi Hyyppä, Hu Zhongliang (SpaceMaster 2007). (Bottom Row): Tawon Uthaicharoenpong, Vicky Wong, Masaki Nagai, Khurram Gulzar, Farrukh Iqbal Sheikh, J2B2-robot. On the right, on top of the Lander Model (built buy SpaceMasters Stephan and Misbah in 06-07) robots MRosa-2, Gimball and Marsokhod. Tawon's Balancing Robot barely visible. Missing from picture is Paavo Heiskanen.