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Student excursions


Resulting from discussions initiated during previous round when NASA/JPL presentative was visiting and lecturing for SpaceMaster students in our University, we had a possibility to negotiate a student visit to JPL laboratories in Pasadena, California. One SpaceMaster not receiving Erasmus Mundus scholarship spent three months in Mobility & Robotic Systems Section of NASA/JPL preparing his Master's Thesis. The Thesis topic was selected to support ongoing resarch activities both in Aalto and in JPL. After arrival back to Aalto the Thesis research continued here tightly tied to our ongoing research project. So both parties benefit from the excursion and the student gained unforgettable and impressive experience. The student funded the excursion by himself.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

During SpaceMaster round IV Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) acted as a partner university in SpaceMaster programme. A common interest was found between Research Institute of Robotics, School of Mechanical Engineering of SJTU and Aalto within robotics research and a successful application for Comission allowed us to send one student for three months to China. The student started his Thesis research in SJTU and continued and finalized it back in Finland at Aalto. The excursion was supported with an EU-grant.

Visiting scientist

Yet as a result from previous visit by NASA/JPL personnel, we had a privilege to host another interesting lecturer from NASA/JPL Mobility & Robotic Systems Section; Senior Research Scientist Abhinandan Jain (Ph.D.) from Dynamics and Real-Time Simulation (DARTS) Laboratory visited us shortly, learned about our robotics reserach and gave a lecture on robotics simulations and simulator development going on in JPL, including Darts Lab M&S overview, ROAMS - planetary rover simulator and LSOS - Lunar surface operations simulator.