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Theses 2006-2007

The Theses of the first round revealed high motivation and hard working of SpaceMasters which concluded with high-quality Thesis reports. The Theses were examined by professors Aarne Halme from TKK and Kalevi Hyyppä from Luleå. Laboratory personnel as personal instructorors for the students were Seppo Heikkilä, Peter Jakubik, Jussi Suomela, Pekka Forsman, Ilkka Leppänen and Tomi Ylikorpi.

The following Thesis topics were given to the first round students:

  • Hannes Filippi, Wireless Teleoperation of Robotic Arms, abstract pdf, Video in YouTube (uploaded by LUMA), Large video (8.6 Meg WMV) wmv
  • Jamshed Iqbal, Tether Tracking and Control of ROSA Robotic Rover, abstract pdf,
  • Jason Allan, The Design of an Energy Management System, abstract pdf,
  • Misbahur Rehman Saad, State Estimation Technique for a Planetary Rover, abstract pdf,
  • Poornima Muralidhar, Development of Mobility System for Marsokhod Rover, abstract pdf,
  • Zhongliang HU, Study and Implementation of Wheel Walking for a Mars Rover, abstract pdf,
  • Stephan Busch, Design and Implementation of a Stereo Vision Based Navigation System for the Micro-RoSA-2 Mars Rover, abstract pdf,
  • Eric Halbach, Development of a Simulator for Modeling Robotic Earth-Moving Tasks, abstract pdf,