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Graduation ceremony at TKK 'Saha'-building September 5th. 2007.

The graduation of the first round TKK SpaceMaster students took place in historic building 'Saha' in Otaniemi campus. 'Saha' stands for a 'sawmill' and it was designed and built along with other important parts of Otaniemi campus by architect office of Alvar Aalto in 1954-1955. Saha served the campus building process during 1950's and -60's. The wood that was standing in the place of Saha was cut down and it was used to construct the roof of the very first building in Otaniemi: the 'Otahalli' sports hall. Later Saha served for education of students in Department of Forest Products Technology.


A quartet from The Polytech Choir presented a few traditional songs culminating with always so touching 'Finlandia'-hymn composed by Jean Sibelius in 1899, lyrics by V.A. Koskenniemi in 1941.

(Listen 'Jubilate'-choir performing the song. The recording is included on the CD "Sibelius - Works for Mixed Choir a Cappella" (BIS CD-825))

Consortium leader Sven Molin

Arrived from Luleå, consortium founder and leader, godfather of all SpaceMasters and a real Superman Sven Molin congratulated the students and the consortium partners for the achievements.

Professor Aarne Halme

Leader of Department of Automation and Systems Technology, professor Aarne Halme congratulated the students and recognized the good quality of the hard work done.

Rector Matti Pursula

In the end of ceremony Rector gave a long and hearty speech wishing well the students for the challenges to come.

HU Zhongliang

The students were represented by HU Zhongliang, also known as 'Ross'.

The graduates

Six out of eight graduates were present with their friends and families. They received the certificates given by the rector and enjoyed coffee and cake. The top row shows also Sven, Tomi and Seppo.

Photos by Seppo and Kärt.