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Classes 2006-2007

The first round took place at the same time when TKK was moving into new educational concept with a new module-based structure which also included some new regulations and requirements. Also SpaceMaster classes had to be fitted in the new concept that was never before tested.

Mostly the classes provided by Automation technology laboratory went well, but the elective classes in so called 'M-module' (Methodological principles) elsewhere in TKK caused a lot of trouble to the students and the staff. Since this M-module was completely new, not all classes identified were available, many of available classes were not available in English, and timing or contents for many of those was unsuitable with other SpaceMaster studies. Fortunately all first round SpaceMasters succeeded to find suitable classes to fulfill the requirements. This has required a lot of effort and the Masters deserve congratulations for the hard work well done. For next rounds structure of the M-module has been re-designed to fit better for SpaceMasters. After requests from the Masters also practical assignment with Field and Service Robotics Class has been introduced for the second round.

During the first round the Space Master students joined the following classes:

  • Introduction to Robot Kinematics
  • Behaviour-based Robotics
  • Field and Service Robotics
  • SpaceMaster Project in Automation Technology
  • Seminar in Automation Technology
  • Finnish language I
  • Finnish language II
  • Computer Services at TKK

Methodological studies of free choice. Students had chosen two or three of the following classes:

  • Special course in industrial electronics- Swarm Intelligence
  • Applied probability and statistics A
  • Methods for software business and engineering research
  • Mathematics 3 I
  • Mathematics 3 II
  • Computational Complexity Theory
  • History of science I
  • History of science II