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Round 1, 2006-2007

The first eight SpaceMaster students arrived to TKK in late August / early September 2006. The group was very tight and co-operative both with themselves and also with laboratory staff. It was a pleasure to know these guys and work with them. They were very flexible and apparently understood very well that also we were doing this SpaceMaster program for the very first time. So with mutual co-operation we made the year successful. We wish to express our gratitude to:

  • Hannes Filippi (Italy)
  • Jamshed Iqbal (Pakistan)
  • Jason Allan (Canada)
  • Misbahur Rehman Saad (India)
  • Poornima Muralidhar (India)
  • Zhongliang HU (China)
  • Stephan Busch (Germany)
  • Eric Halbach (Canada)

In the picture (from left to right): Prof. Aarne Halme, Seppo Heikkilä, Eric Halbach, Prof. Kalevi Hyyppä, Tomi Ylikorpi, Hannes Filippi, Stephan Busch, Misbahur Rehman, Zhongliang Hu, Jason Allan, Poornima Muralidhar, and Jamshed Iqbal.

It is also worth to mention that for the first SpaceMaster round completely new procedures, forms, certificates etc. were created at the Department and University level. Department's study planners Ms. Tarja Timonen, Mrs. Johanna Lindström and Ms. Anja Hänninen worked very hard with University officials to make the international SpaceMaster double degree a reality. A great gratitude and applause belongs to them.