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The Theses of the fifth round were again examined by professors Aarne Halme from Aalto and Kalevi Hyyppä from Luleå. Laboratory personnel as personal instructors for the students were Eric Halbach, Jose-Luis Peralta, Tapio Taipalus, Lei Ma (Department of Radio Science) and Tomi Ylikorpi.

David Swords, researching AI-applications for robot localization, spent 3 months in NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California (USA); Osama Khursid Mirza and Zainab Saleem, both researching GPS-based satellite navigation, prepared their Thesis in ASTRIUM (Germany).

The following Thesis topics were given to the fifth round students:

  • Ferdi Perdana Kusumah, Foot Force Sensor Implementation and Analysis of ZMP Walking on 2D Bipedal Robot with Linear Actuators, abstract pdf
  • Osama Khursid Mirza, Navigation planning for satellite GNSS receivers in cold start conditions, abstract pdf
  • Zainab Saleem, Extended Kalman filter for optimal determination of position, velocity and time of earth orbiting satellites using carrier phase measurements from GNSS constellations, abstract pdf
  • Elyas Razzaghi, Design and qualification of a reliable On-Board Computer for Aalto-1 CubeSat, abstract pdf
  • David Swords, Artificial Neural Network Approach to Mobile Robot Localization, abstract pdf

Graduation ceremony at Aalto 'Saha'-building September 1st. 2011.

The graduation of the fifth round Aalto SpaceMaster students took again place in historic building 'Saha' in Otaniemi campus. Ferdi Perdana Kusumah gave a speech on behalf of SpaceMaster students.