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Visiting scientist

  • 7.12.2010 Professor Kazuya YOSHIDA from Tohoku University (Japan) gave a seminar talk on ‘Robotics and Space Technology at Tohoku University’

Prof. Yoshida is one of the world’s leading researchers in Space Robotics. The Tohoku University Space Robotics Laboratory, led by Professor Yoshida, is dedicated to the research and development of the robotic systems for space science and exploration missions. The laboratory has contributed to the Engineering Test Satellite-VII (launched in 1997 for orbital robotics experiments) and "Hayabusa" asteroid sample-return probe (launched in 2003 and expected to return in 2010). Today one of their focus is on the mechanics and control of lunar exploration rovers, including technologies for remote planetary exploration, mapping and localization in the unstructured environment, rough terrain mobility, and teleoperation with time delay.