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The Theses of the seventh round were examined by professor Emeritus Aarne Halme, and Professor Ville Kyrki from Aalto, and professor Thomas Gustafsson from Luleå. Laboratory personnel as personal instructors for the students were Sami Terho, Alberto Montebelli,Osama Khurshid,Joni Pajarinen and Tomi Ylikorpi. External advisor for Oliver Ruf was Roberto Lampariello in DLR, Germany.

The following Thesis topics were given to the seventh round students:

  • Oliver Ruf, Dynamic Modeling of Robots with Kinematic Loops, abstract pdf
  • Nemanja Jovanovic, Aalto-2 satellite attitude control system, abstract pdf
  • Franz Steinmetz, Programming by Demonstration for in-contact tasks using Dynamic Movement Primitives, abstract pdf
  • Tesfamichael Agidie Getahun, Ceilbot Development and Integration, abstract pdf
  • Michael Strohmeier, Automatic Transportation in Unstructured Environment, abstract pdf

Oliver Ruf conducted his Thesis research in DLR German Aerospace Center, Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany.

In suport for their Thesis research, Franz Steinmetz and Michael Strohmeier received a grant from European Space Agency, Directorate of Human Space Flight.

The graduation of the eighth round Aalto SpaceMaster students took place among with other graduates from Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering on September 17th. 2014.