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In this research project a new type of operator interface concept is developed for mobile robotic machines. The operator interface is designed based on the assumption that the operator has an access to the operation environment of the mobile machine and a task plan to be executed. The operator can either be physically present nearby the machine or have a remote presence connection to the virtual model of the operation environment.

The goal of the operator interface is to free the operator from actively steering the machine for using her/his capabilities to plan the task process and to supervise its execution. The nature of the tasks to be performed and the intended degree of automation of the task execution are considered separately for each particular implementation of the operator interface concept. In the project, related methods are developed and an operational prototype of the operator interface will be demonstrated.

An illustration of the structure of the operation environment for the futuristic human machine interface (HMI) concept. Instead of the excavator in the figure any kind of mobile work machine or a mobile service robot can be considered as an application platform of the HMI.