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The SUBMAR robots have a wide range of possible applications including various industrial processes, water purification plants, and environmental monitoring cases. Traditionally process instrumentation is based on fixed mounted sensors and actuators. The novel feature in SUBMAR sensor/actuator robots is that they can follow the state of a process from the inside, e.g. take samples or add some reagent.

One possible use of SUBMAR robots in environmental monitoring is to anchor it to bottom of a sea or a lake. The robot would then move up and down along the rope measuring interesting parameters. Measured values would be either saved in SUBMAR’s memory or sent by radio to operator. Method’s advantage is that the exact position of the robot is known all the time. This method can also be applied to industrial processes. Another method could be letting a herd of robots drift along a river flow collecting data and catching them in a net at the end of the experiment.

A new method for detecting leakages in pipelines is also under study. The method consists of several identical robots traveling through pipelines measuring amplitude changes in noise spectrum caused by leakages.

In the summer of '97 a new firm, Intelligent SUBMAR Society Oy, was founded for the marketing of SUBMARs.