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Underwater Robot Society for Internal Monitoring and Controlling of Processes

The aim of this project is to create a multirobot system, i.e. robot society operating in 3D process environment. Benefits of this robot society concept are fault tolerance, flexibility and simplicity. The society structure compensate the disadvantages of robots’ partly random behaviour, like uncomplete motion capabilities. Design of the robots and their operation as a society is tested in laboratory’s demo process and in 3D simulator.

SUBMAR is an intelligent, autonomous miniature robot for monitoring of liquid processes. SUBMAR robots measure internal state of the process and can perform small tasks, e.g. injecting reagent and taking samples. The robots move semi-actively along the process flow changing their vertical position using diving tanks. SUBMAR can be equipped with different sensors. Pressure sensor gives also information for vertical positioning. SUBMARs have the ability to communicate with other similar robots and with the process operator. The hardware design is based on an efficient microcontroller.

This project is funded by Tekes.