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The Intelligent Machines and Special Robotics Institute (IMSRI) was closely involved in realization of the Rosa-2 robotic drilling system for ESA (contract AO/1-3477/98/NL/PA) during 1999-2002. The Rosa-2 project was carried out in co-operation between SSF, VTT and IMSRI.

ROSA-2 drill and the roving platform

The mobile Robotic Sampling System (ROSA) has been designed to perform deep (up to 2 meters) soil sampling on the surface of Mars or other planetary object. Due to complexity of the task, very limited mass and volume, and the need of complete automation of all its operations, the system demands for a very ambitious mechatronics design.

IMSRI procured the roving platform from the Rover Company (former VNII Transmash) in Russia, and carried out the design and manufacture of it’s electrical- and control systems. Further IMSRI realized electrical- and control systems for the drill-subsystem.

Later in 2003, during the second stage of the Rosa-2 project, IMSRI -- together with Space Systems Finland Ltd. (SSF) -- performed mechanical, electrical and software update of the system. New novel mechanical systems for the mandrel lock and to hold the pipes in the carousel were developed. Also new electrical systems for better control of drilling functions were introduced. Together with the SSF drill control software was updated.