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Control Engineering:
Process Control

Reseach in process control has covered modelling, simulation and control of the most common processes in Finland, including pulp and paper making, power plants, chemical processes and mineral processing. Lately, monitoring and control of industrial processes such as printed circuit board manufacturing, paper making and mineral flotation have been of major interest. Here intelligent techniques like machine vision and fuzzy logic have been applied.

Active projects

  • GENSEN — Generic Sensor Network Architecture for Wireless Automation
  • MINMO — Advanced Methods in Monitoring and Control of Ore Concentration
  • OTTO — Optimizing the work-efficiency of machine operators
  • WiSA — Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks for Measurement and Control

Past projects

  • AULA — Quality and competitive edge with innovative automation
    • LATU — Improving quality and productivity in forest machine work and timber harvesting chain
    • PALASET — Support system for intelligent monitoring of quality variation in paper making
    • RIKE — Performance Improvement for Concentration Process
    • VIATON — Advanced Modelling and Control of the ViaFill Process
  • CACTUS — The effect of concentrating of white water to the microbial growth in paper machine and The Dynamic Chemical State in Unit Operations of Paper-Making
  • ChaCo — Characterization of flotation froth by machine vision
  • ERHE — Very Distributed Sensor and Actuator Networks
  • ICT-E — ICT of Electric distribution network
  • RUSE — New solutions for control and energy management in buildings
  • Simbiot — Symbiosis of mill modelling and computational methods
  • SMINT — Smart and integrated control of building services
  • SOSE — Soft-sensor methods in improving the competitivity of industrial products
    • Harvester — Intelligent maintenance and performance optimization of forest machines with soft-sensor methods
    • VÄSY — Intelligent, Machine Vision Based Control for a Flotation Process
    • VAIVI — Fault diagnostics of electrical AC machines
    • PIHA — Circuit manufacturing control
  • TILLIKKA — Improving industrial competitiveness with condition monitoring
    • NYKY — Application of modern condition monitoring and control concepts in forest machines
    • ÄKSY — Intelligent methods in mining environment
    • MESTA — Model Based Estimation Methods in Analysis of Electronics Manufacturing
    • PALA — Advanced monitoring of paper quality