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Control Engineering:
Power Electronics & Electric Machines

In power electronics the research is concentrated on the dynamics and control design of switched-mode power supplies. Telecom power supplies and battery systems have been major application areas.

Condition monitoring and fault diagnosis are important topicsin electric machine research. Active rotor vibration control is a new field of interest.

Active projects

  • Arcvem — Active Control of Rotor Vibrations in Electrical Machines

Past projects

  • AKKU — Optimal Supervision And Use of Battery Systems
  • DPS2 — Stability and Dynamics in the Design of Interconnected Power Systems
  • ParallelConverter — Modeling, Analysis, and Control Design of Multiloop Operation of Parallel-connected DC/DC Converters
  • Robu — Robust Control Methods in Telecom UPS System Applications
  • VAIVI — Fault diagnostics of electrical AC machines