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Micro- and Nanorobotics

Current research topics

Micro/nanorobotics and automation

  • Hybrid microassembly combining robotics and self-assembly (see also FAB2ASM)
  • Intracellular micromanipulation
  • Autonomous microassembly and micromanipulation

Solid-liquid interactions and self-assembly

  • Physics of wetting on patterns of different topological structures and surface properties,
  • Microassembly on large area flexible and stretchable substrates
  • Self-assembly on patterns with various features, e.g. jagged edges, segmented patterns, and black silicon patterns.

Past projects

  • FAB2ASM — Efficient and Precise 3D Integration of Heterogeneous Microsystems from Fabrication to Assembly
  • Hydromel — Hybrid ultra precision manufacturing process based on positional- and self-assembly for complex micro-products
  • MUSA — Programmable and Spatially Multi-scale Self-assembly of Microcomponents
  • High Volume Packaging of RGB Laser Module
  • Nanomanipulator in Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope (ESEM)
  • MIRRI — Micro robotic diagnostics and therapy
  • AHAA — Advanced Handling, Assembly and Testing Technologies for Mini/Micro Systems
  • FEMAS — Developing Future Electronic Microassembly Systems
  • Microfluidics — Development of Microfluidics Systems
  • OPTIMI — Optically actuated microfluidics
  • PAMIR — Microsystems in paper fibre handling
  • Solomanda — Manipulation, detection and analysis of biological cells and organelles
  • ROBOSEM — Development of a Smart Nanorobot for Sensor-based Handling in a Scanning Electron Microscope
  • MELA — Mems in Laminates
  • AIM
  • Virtual Environment for Operating in the Microworld
  • Micromanipulator for Biomedical Applications
  • ...