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Management of Industrial Information

Enterprises that operate globally in a real-time business environment must have an agile production capacity that responds quickly to changes in the environment. The operation and maintenance of a production plant has become more and more networked as activities are outsourced to service providers.

Modern industrial production systems and their control systems generate a vast amount of raw data and information about their operation and the condition of equipment. The increased use of field buses and intelligent devices has been one reason for this situation. Requirements for better real-time management and control of production and production facilities, on the other hand, have contributed to the increased use of various information systems as e.g. ERP, MES and CMMS. This in turn generates even more information that needs to be managed, integrated and utilized in various monitoring, control and decision making situations related to agile process operation and maintenance.

Decision makers depend on the availability of context-specific, reliable and timely information, so the management of production and maintenance related data and information has become an important challenge. Solutions are offered by research on methodologies in several fields. On one level, the task is to extract information and indicators from raw data. The integration of information from different systems may be facilitated by the use of evolving reference architectures and interface standards and the modeling of information by new methods such as semantic web technologies. Our research addresses all of these topics, and the following project pages describe the focus in detail.

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