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Remotely operated tanker inspection system

The International Maritime Organization Regulation requires tankers to be subjected to an enhanced survey programme of inspections through annual, intermediate and special surveys to evaluate and certify the structural integrity for continuous service.

The frequency of the inspection campaigns as well as the gauging sampling rate depend upon the ship's age and type according to the rules and regulations. Use of ROVs for accessing the tanker structures to be inspected is foreseen. Several (4-8) thousand of such measurements, lasting 3-5 days are required for a special survey of a typical mid-sized ship.

The proposed research aims at developing a prototype of a system for tanker ships inspection based on a smart ROV concept, fitted with innovative and outstanding features.

ROTIS will consist of a surface unit, with a 3D graphical intelligent man-machine user interface, on on-board mini arm, for docking, cleaning and inspection, miniaturized yet powerful sensory subsystems, tether management system with fiber optic communication with the surface unit, video camera, etc. See the artist view of the conceptual design.

Our role in this project is to provide the link between the ROV and the surface operating panel featuring simultaneous data, control and video link as well as intelligent, sensor based tether deployment and management system taking into account the dynamical interaction of the ROV and the tehter.

Our partners are:

  • Tecnomare, (Prime)
  • JRC/Ispra
  • CS & Associates Ltd.
  • ENEA
  • Lloyd's Register
  • AVIN Oil Trader Maritime Company.