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Control Engineering Report Series

#168Kalevi TervoHuman adaptive mechatronics methods for mobile working machines (2010)
#167Mikael BjörkbomWireless control system simulation and network adaptive control (2010)
#166Alexander MendelsonIdentification and control of deposition processes (2010)
#165Antti PohjorantaComputational models for microvia fill process control (2010)
#164Emre Ilke CosarA wireless toolkit for monitoring applications (2009)
#163Olli HaavistoReflectance spectrum analysis of mineral flotation froths and slurries (2009)
#162Kalle HalmevaaraSimulation assisted performance optimization of large-scale multiparameter technical systems (2009)
#161Vesa HölttäPlant performance evaluation in complex industrial applications (2009)
#160Jani KaartinenMachine vision in measurement and control of mineral concentration process (2009)
#159Antti PohjorantaModelling surfactant mass balance with the ALE method on deforming 2D surfaces (2009)
#158Lasse ErikssonPID controller design and tuning in networked control systems (2008)
#157Ali Al.TowatiDynamic analysis and QFT-based robust control design of switched-mode power converters (2008)
#156Visa KorkiakoskiImproving the performance of adaptive optics systems with optimized control methods (2008)
#155Lasse Eriksson, Mohammed Elmusrati and Mikael Pohjola (eds.)Introduction to wireless automation - Collected papers of the spring 2007 postgraduate seminar (2008)
#154Faisal A MohamedMicrogrid modelling and online management (2008)
#153Jozef HrbcekActive control of rotor vibration by model predictive control : a simulation study (2007)
#152Vesa HasuRadio resource management in wireless communication : beamforming, transmission power control and rate allocation (2007)
#151Heikki HyötyniemiNeocybernetics in biological systems (2007)
#150Timo VirtanenFault diagnostics and vibration control of paper winders (2006)
#149Kalle KantolaModelling, estimation and control of electroless nickel plating process of printed circuit board manufacturing (2006)
#148Tapio MäenpääRobust model predictive control for cross-directional processes (2006)
#147Faisal MohamedMicrogrid modelling and simulation (2004)
#146Jari PaanasaloModelling and control of printing paper surface winding (2005)
#145Heikki HyötyniemiComplex systems : science at the edge of chaos : collected papers of the Spring 2003 postgraduate seminar (2005)
#144Heikki HyötyniemiHebbian neuron grids : system theoretic approach (2004)
#143Ander TennoModelling and evaluation of valve-regulated lead-acid batteries (2004)
#142Mohammed S ElmusratiRadio resource scheduling and smart antennas in cellular CDMA communication systems (2004)
#141Sanna PöyhönenSupport vector machine based classification in condition monitoring of induction motors (2004)
#140Paavo ViitamäkiHybrid modeling of paper machine grade changes (2004)
#139Kalle Halmevaara, , Hyötyniemi and HeikkiProcess performance optimization using iterative regression tuning (2004)
#138Olli Haavisto, , Hyötyniemi and HeikkiSimulation tool of a biped walking robot model (2004)
#137Vesa HasuAdaptive beamforming and power control in wireless communication systems (2003)
#136Kai ZengerModelling, analysis and controller design of time-variable flow processes (2003)
#135Eva BlomqvistSecurity in sensor networks (2003)
#134Mohammed S Elmusrati and Heikki N KoivoRadio resource scheduling in wireless communication systems (2003)
#133Heikki HyötyniemiOn the universality and undecidability in dynamic systems (2002)
#132Idris A GadouraDesign of robust controllers for telecom power supplies (2002)
#131Sanna PöyhönenSupport vector machines in fault diagnostics of electrical motors (2002)
#130Sanna Pöyhönen, , Negrea, Arkkio Marian., Antero, and Heikki HyötyniemiComparison of reconstruction schemes of multiple SVM's applied to fault classification of a cage induction motor (2002)
#129Mohammed S ElmusratiPower control and MIMO beamforcing in CDMA mobile communication systems (2002)
#128Idris Gadoura, Suntio A and TeuvoImplementation of optimal output characteristic for a telecom power supply : fuzzy-logic approach (2002)
#127Jean-Peter YlénMeasuring, modelling and controlling the pH value and the dynamic chemical state (2001)
#126Jani KaartinenData acquisition and analysis system for mineral flotation (2001)
#125Heikki HyötyniemiMultivariate regression : techniques and tools (2001)
#124Zekeriya UykanClustering-based algorithms for radial basis function and sigmoid perceptron networks (2001)
#123Riku JänttiPower control and transmission rate management in cellular radio systems : a snapshot analysis approach (2001)
#122Zekeriya UykanIntelligent control of DC/DC switching buck converter (2000)
#121Matteo CavazzuttiFuzzy gain scheduling of multivariable processes (2000)
#120Terhi Ylöstalo, Katri Salonen, Matti Siika-aho, Sonja Suni, Heikki Hyötyniemi, Hannes Rauhala and Heikki KoivoPaperikoneen kiertovesien konsentroitumisen vaikutus mikrobien kasvuun (2000)
#119Idris A GadouraDesign of intelligent controllers for switching-mode power supplies (1999)
#118Ari S NissinenNeural and evolutionary computing in modeling of complex systems (1999)
#116J HätönenImage analysis in mineral flotation (1999)
#115Ari S Nissinen and Heikki HyötyniemiAnalysis of evolutionary self-organizing map. Ari S. Nissinen, Heikki Hyötyniemi (1999)
#114Vesa HasuDesign of experiments in analysis of flotation froth appearance (1999)
#113Sébastien RobyrFEM modelling of a bellows and a bellows-based micromanipulator (1999)
#112Heikki Hyötyniemi and Heikki KoivoMultivariate statistical methods in systems engineering : collected papers of the Autumn 1998 postgraduate seminar (1998)
#111Heikki HyötyniemiMental imagery : unified framework for associative representations (1998)
#110Jean-Peter Ylén and Ari S NissinenSumean logiikan sovelluksen kehitysprosessi ja sen soveltaminen fuzzyTECH-ohjelmiston evaluointiin (1997)
#109Antti J Niemi, Jouko Berndtson and Seppo KarineAutomatic control of paper machine by dry line measurement (1997)
#108Pasi OjalaDesign and control of the piezo actuated micro manipulator (1997)
#107Jukka PulkkinenCapacitance and diameter control in telephone cable insulation process (1997)
#106Heikki Hyötyniemi and Heikki KoivoMultimedia applications in industrial automation (1997)
#105M.-L Herto and P Sipari (eds)Activity report 1994-1996 (1997)
#104Riku JänttiAutomaatiojärjestelmän dynamiikan vaikutus PI-säätimen viritykseen (1997)
#103Heikki HyötyniemiSupplement to 'Self-organizing artificial neural networks in dynamic systems modeling and control' (1997)
#102Ju LinDesign of active dampers for mechanical vibrations (1996)
#101Hans Blomberg, , Ylinen and RaimoDescriptor representation of linear constant systems : impulse modes and critical interconnection constraints (1995)
#100Branislav HrúzControl of discrete event dynamic systems in the context with flexible manufacturing systems and Petri Nets (1995)
#99Pavel HrubyStochastic neuronal models with realistic synaptic inputs and oscillatory inputs (1994)
#98Tapio AngervuoriSäädettyjen aikavarianttien virtausprosessien stabiilisuustarkastelu (1994)
#97Heikki HyötyniemiSelf-organizing artificial neural networks in dynamic systems modeling and control (1994)
#96Antti Niemi and J Virkkunen (eds)Activity report 1991-1993 (1994)
#95Jari Hämäläinen, , Marttinen, Baharova Arto., Virkkunen Lina. and JoukoOptimal path planning for a trolley crane : fast and smooth transfer of load (1993)
#94Heikki HyötyniemiSelf-organizing networks for dynamic systems (1993)
#93Pekka J ImmonenA new mixed integer algorithm for classification and placement of measurements in process flow networks (1993)
#92Tapio MäenpääA hierarchical approach to optimized control of drying of coated paper (1993)
#91Pentti Jutila and Zdravko BanchevskyAdvanced pH-control of a precipitation process (1993)
#90Antti PelkolaPrediktiivisten monimuuttujasäätöalgoritmien vertailututkimus teollisuussovellutuksissa (1992)
#89L. A Golemanov and A. H ManolovPersonal computer based English-Russian and Russian-English dictionaries of business and information technology (1992)
#88Kai ZengerAnalysis and control design of a class of time-varying systems (1992)
#87Kari RintanenModeling, instrumentation and control of a trolley crane (1991)
#86Riku SalminenTowards industrial crane computer control (1991)
#85A Niemi and J VirkkunenTriennial Activity Report 1988-1990 (1991)
#84Andrey N VolkovFlexibility of flexible manufacturing systems (1990)
#83L. A GolemanovA model-incorporating multifunctional controller (1990)
#82Sirkka-Liisa Jämsä-JounelaA simulation study of self-running adaptive control for rougher flotation (1990)
#81Ljudmil A Golemanov, Z Bantsevskii, V Atanasov and Z BanchevskyA methodology for modelling and coordination of industrial production and energy complexes. Part 1, A methodology for quantitative and qualitative modelling and simulation of industrial production and energy complexes (1989)
#80Mariola IankulovaSimulation of the processes and analysis of the selfoscillations in a free nonlinear torque controlled crane system (1989)
#79Yury A Merkuryev and Esko NiemiModern approaches to flexible manufacturing systems simulation (1988)
#78Pentti Lautala and Martti VälisuoA hierarchical knowledge-based system for model-based failure diagnosis in power plants (1988)
#77Pentti Jutila, Raimo Ylinen, , Marttinen and ArtoResearch on chlorination of swimming pool water (1988)
#76A Marttinen and A NiemiActivity Report (1987)
#75Urpo Kortela and Martti VälisuoSäätötekniikan prosessisovellutukset : seminaariesitelmät 1987 (1987)
#74Reijo Ramu, Laura Heinonen and Mauri MäkeläKotimaisten polttoaineiden arinakattiloiden automaatio : loppuraportti. Osa 2 (1987)
#73Reijo RamuKotimaisten polttoaineiden arinakattiloiden automaatio : loppuraportti. Osa 1 (1987)
#72A MarttinenControl System Design and Analysis Package: Frequency Response Methods (1987)
#71Urpo Kortela, , Ruokonen and TuulaSäätötekniikan prosessisovellutukset : seminaariesitelmät 1986. Osa 2 (1986)
#70Säätötekniikan prosessisovellutukset : seminaariesitelmät 1986. 1 (1986)
#69Pentti Lautala and Martti VälisuoA simulator for a fault diagnosis system (1986)
#68Tuula Ruokonen and Pentti LautalaModel-based reasoning in the failure diagnosis of industrial processes (1986)
#67T RuokonenVenttiilien värähtelyanalyysi : menetelmätutkimus (1986)
#66Tuula RuokonenOminaiskäyrien käyttö kunnonvalvonnassa (1986)
#65P Jutila and P JaakolaTests with five adaptive pH-control methods in laboratory (1986)
#64Arto MarttinenA new control strategy of a grate boiler (1986)
#63Pekka KoponenSiltanosturin adaptiivinen säätö (1986)
#62H VälisuoVesivoimalaitosketju säätövoiman tuottajana : lyhytaikasäännöstelymalli, sovellusesimerkkinä rakennusasteiden arviointi (1986)
#61Arto Marttinen, Urpo Kortela, , Sipilä and JussiMustalipeän syötön ja palamisen hallinta. Osa 2 (1986)
#60Arto Marttinen, Urpo Kortela, , Sipilä and JussiMustalipeän syötön ja palamisen hallinta. Osa 1 (1986)
#59Tuula Ruokonen, Heikki Välisuo and Pentti LautalaVikadiagnoosi ja kunnonvalvonta voimalaitoksissa : esitutkimus (1985)
#58Arto Marttinen, Urpo Kortela, Reijo Ramu and Juha SipiläModelling, simulation and control of a bark fired grate boiler (1984)
#57Urpo Kortela and Juho JoensuuSäätötekniikan prosessisovellutukset : seminaariesitelmät 1984 (1984)
#56P Jutila and A VisalaPilot plant testing of an adaptive pH-control algorithm based on physico-chemical modelling (1984)
#55Pentti Lautala, Heikki Välisuo and Markku AuttiBalance optimal hydro power system expansion planning model (1984)
#54Valeri MyssakCanonical model conversion for adaptive control algorithms (1984)
#53Pekka KoponenSiltanosturin adaptiivinen tilahavaitsija (1984)
#52A Marttinen and J SipiläMittausohjelmisto ja mittaustiedostojen käsittelyohjelmisto MINC-11 pienoistietokoneella (1983)
#51Pekka KoponenSiltanosturin takaisinkytketty säätö (1983)
#50Urpo Kortela and Juho JoensuuSäätötekniikan prosessisovellutukset : seminaariesitelmät 1983 (1983)
#49Lauri EinerBetonimassan ja sementtiliiman virtausominaisuuksien mittaamisesta = Measuring the flow qualities of massconcrete and cementglue (1983)
#48Pentti Lautala and Heikki VälisuoMonipolttoainekattilalaitoksen teho- ja polttoainejaon optimointi (1983)
#47Pentti JutilaDevelopment of adaptive pH-control algorithms based on a physico-chemical approach (1983)
#46Alain LabreuilleVehicule automatique et adaptatif par apprentissage (1983)
#45Pekka Koponen and Jouko VirkkunenNosturin minimiaikaohjaus (1983)
#44P JutilaAn application of adaptive pH-control algorithms based on physico-chemical modelling in a chemical waste-water treatment plant (1982)
#43Grazyna PajunenApplication of a model reference adaptive technique to the identification of simple Wiener type nonlinear systems (1982)
#42Urpo Kortela and Anja Reittu (eds.)Säätötekniikan prosessisovellutukset, seminaariesitelmät 1982 (1982)
#41Annual Reports for the Period 1980-1981 (1982)
#40O. Aaro WiioProportional-plus-multiple integrative and derivate output feedback for process with numerator dynamics (1982)
#39Grazyna PajunenIdentification and control of nonlinear dynamic systems - a survey (1982)
#38Grazyna PajunenA review of model reference adaptive systems (1981)
#37Jouko VirkkunenNosturin taakan ja nostoköyden dynaamisia malleja (1981)
#36Pentti Jutila and P. Jussi OravaControl and estimation algorithms for physico-chemical models of pH-prosesses in stirred tank reactors (1981)
#35Pentti Antero J Lautala and Kari KoskinenTwo algorithms for computer control of a moving object (1981)
#34Vesa VauhkonenTasavirta- ja epätahtikoneiden tehoelektroniikkakäytöistä (1981)
#33Markku T NihtiläNon-statistical filtering in non-linear time-discrete systems (1980)
#32Urpo KortelaEstimation and compensation of feed disturbances in some problematic industrial processes (1980)
#31Ljudmil A GolemanovThe optimal planning and control of industrial production systems (1980)
#30Artem SavitskySome aspects of large-scale dynamic systems control theory (1980)
#29Urpo Kortela and Bror SalmelinSäätötekniikan prosessisovellutuksia (1980)
#28Urpo KortelaEstimation and compensation of fuel power in coal power plant (1980)
#27Urpo Kortela and Jyrki LuukkanenEstimation of fuel power in peat power plant (1980)
#26Urpo Kortela and Riitta NäppiläDynamic model of peat-fuelled power plant (1980)
#25Annual Reports for the Period 1977-1979 (1980)
#24P.A.J Lautala and I. H TolletA real-time algol language for a multi-purpose medium-sized process computer (1979)
#23Esko NuotioSahalaitosten yksikköprosessien automaatiotasomäärityksiä (1979)
#22Kari KoskinenEsineiden tunnistaminen ja käsitteleminen näkökyvyllä varustetulla teollisuusrobotilla (1979)
#21Pentti Antero J LautalaSome mathematical techniques for the solution of dynamical optimization problems : application to hydro-electric power plant systems (1978)
#20P. A. J LautalaOn the modelling and solving of an optimal control problem of hydro-electric power pland systems (1978)
#19Annual Report for the Academic Year 1976-1977 (1978)
#18Risto KortelaStrömberg 1000 prosessitietokoneen käyttäjän opas (1978)
#17Jouko VirkkunenSelluloosatehtaan pesemön ja haihduttamon yhteiskäyttö : kauppa- ja teollisuusministeriön rahoittaman tavoitetutkimuksen 61/425/77 loppuraportti (1977)
#16Markku NihtiläOn recursive filtering algorithms for non-linear differential systems: theory (1977)
#15Urpo Kortela and Tauno PerkiöFlowcont MP-virtausohjaimen toiminta, testaus ja rakenne (1977)
#14Urpo KortelaMikroprosessoripohjaisen säätäjän perusrakenteet ja -toiminnot (1977)
#13Ilpo AarniOn numerical methods for solving first order hyperbolic partial differential equation systems (1977)
#12Pekka MalinenOptisten sensorien liittäminen tietokoneeseen (1977)
#11Urpo Kortela, Alain Labreuille and Alain GourdinMicroprocessor based flow controller (1977)
#10Reijo KoistinenSelluloosatehtaan haihduttamon säätö sekä pesemön ja haihduttamon yhteiskäyttö (1977)
#9Ilpo AarniKuumahierreprosessin dynaaminen malli (1977)
#8Markku Nihtilä and Jouko VirkkunenPractical identifiability of growth and substrate consumption models (1977)
#7Markku NihtiläA program package for estimation of parameters in non-linear differential equation systems (1977)
#6H ElmqvistProgramming and documentation rules for subroutine libraries - designed for the SCL (1977)
#5J WieslanderA subroutine library in the field of automatic control (1977)
#4Jan Otto Pedersen, Halvard Lurås and Jørgen OpdalDAREK, users guide (modified version) (1977)
#3Kari KoskinenLiikkuvan kappaleen kiinniottaminen visuaalisella sensorilla varustetulla teollisuusrobotilla (1977)
#2Pentti Lautala and Jussi OravaOn short-term optimal scheduling of hydro-electric power plant chains (1976)
#1Pentti Lautala and Jouko Virkkunen (eds.)Annual report for the academic year 1975-1976 (1976)