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Automation Technology Report Series A: Research Reports

#35Tapio TaipalusActionPool : a novel dynamic task scheduling method for service robots (2010)
#34Mikko HeikkiläConfiguration of skilled tasks for execution in multipurpose and collaborative service robots (2009)
#33Jari SaarinenA sensor-based personal navigation system and its application for incorporating humans into a human-robot team (2009)
#32Teppo PirttiojaApplying agent technology to constructing flexible monitoring systems in process automation (2008)
#31Timo OksanenPath planning algorithms for agricultural field machines (2007)
#30Ilkka LeppänenAutomatic locomotion mode control of wheel-legged robots (2007)
#29Anja AppelqvistDevelopment of a biocatalytic fuel cell system for low-power electronic applications (2006)
#28Sami YlönenModularity in the service robotics : techno-economic justification through a case study (2006)
#27Hans AaltoReal-time receding horizon optimisation of gas pipeline networks (2005)
#26Jussi SuomelaFrom teleoperation to the cognitive human-robot interface (2004)
#25Timo OksanenNelijalkainen nelipyöräinen robotti liikkuvana systeeminä (2003)
#24Jorma SelkäinahoAdaptive autonomous navigation of mobile robots in unknown environments (2002)
#23Pekka ForsmanThree-dimensional localization and mapping of static environments by means of mobile perception (2001)
#22Pekka AppelqvistMechatronics design of a robot society : a case of minimalist underwater robots for distributed perception and task execution (2000)
#21Mika VainioIntelligence through interactions - underwater robot society for distributed operations in closed aquatic environment (1999)
#20Xiachang Zhang and Aarne HalmeA biofilm reactor for a bacteria fuel cell system (1999)
#19Bing XuAn interactive method for robot control and its application to deburring (1998)
#18Arto VisalaModeling of nonlinear processes using Wiener-NN representation and multiple models (1997)
#17Xiachang Zhang and Aarne HalmeEffect of size and structure of a bacteria fuel cell on the electricity production and energy conversion rate (1997)
#16Kari HartikainenMotion planning of a walking platform designed to locomote on natural terrain (1996)
#15Yan Wang and Aarne HalmeSpherical rolling robot (1996)
#14Haifeng YangVision methods for outdoor mobile robot navigation (1995)
#13Xia-Chang ZhangAspects of modelling and control of bioprocesses : application of conventional approach, and functional state concept (1995)
#12Aarne Halme, , Zhang and XiachangExperimental study of bioelectrochemical fuel cell using bacteria from Baltic Sea (1995)
#11Haifeng YangUsing landmarks for the vehicle location measurement (1994)
#10Xiachang Zhang and Aarne HalmeA summary of the study of bioelectrochemical fuel cell by using Saccharomyces cerevisiae (1994)
#9Risto SievänenConstruction and identification of models for tree and stand growth (1992)
#8Riku SalminenRobust pole placement control of a trolley crane system (1992)
#7Xiachang Zhang, Arto Visala and Aarne HalmeA kinetic model of mammalian cell cultures and fitting it to the Sp 2/0-Ag14 culture (1992)
#6Alexei I PetrovEstimation and control interdependence for self-tuning regulator design (1991)
#5Aarne HalmeNonlinear filtering applied to vehicle local motion estimation and instrument fault detection (1990)
#4Pauli SipariOn the structural properties of multivariable linear systems (1987)
#3Aarne HalmeMeasurement and estimation in bioreactors (1987)
#2Donatas LevisauskasA method of dynamic optimatization of batch fermentation processes : theory and a computation program (1987)
#1Jorma SelkäinahoA new nonlinear filter for real time estimation (1987)