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Modeling, Analysis, and Control Design of Multiloop Operation of Parallel-connected DC/DC Converters

A power supply that is used to power telecommunication equipment could be composed to n-parallel DC/DC converters. Parallel-connected DC/DC converters require categorical current sharing mechanism to ensure proper operation. The main advantage of using parallel converters configuration with current sharing control is to increase the power process capability that improves a reliability of the whole system. The current sharing scheme can be achieved by injecting a signal proportional to the desired converter output current into the voltage loop. The increased voltage loop error signal forces the duty cycle and then the output current of the converter to increase.

An excessive work has been done in the field of modeling, analysis, and control design of parallel-connected DC/DC converters. However the lack of insight information is obviously distinguished in the literature. The worldwide competition calls for more accurate models, which are informative to analyze and flexible enough to be well controlled. This can be achieved by developing the use of multivariable control theory and electronics design methodology. These targets are clear and require great effort. The need of examining the models and of designing control algorithms is essential for validating our overall design.