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Advanced perception and navigation system for autonomous applications

(PANORAMA EP 2483, 1989-1994)

The laboratory participated the project EP 2483 in ESPRIT II program. The project called PANORAMA, developed an advanced perception and navigation system for autonomous robots used in unstructured environments like fields, forest, mines etc. As a part of the Finnish sub-consortium the laboratory was responsible on developing the piloting unit of the Panorama system (PISY). The mobile robot constructed around the Honda all-terrain vehicle ARSKA., shown in the figure. It was used as the test bed in the project. The final demonstration was made in September 1993 by using a full scaled mining drill-rig manufactured by Tamrock.

ARSKA (Autonomous Robot for Surveillance Key Applications) old version around 1992

PANORAMA team at final demo in Tampere in October 1993

The following organisations participated: SAGEM (main contractor), BAe, ESAMS, Univ. of Sauthampton, Techical Univ. of Madrid, C.R.I.F, SEPA, LNETI, CEA, TAMROCK, RAUMA, HUT, VTT


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