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Microsystems in paper fibre handling

The purpose of the PAMIR project is to explore the handling of paper fibres with microtechnical means. The project consists of three subprojects:

Research area: Mechatronics, Micro- and Nanorobotics

A thin glass tube (capillary) where the fibres will be photographed with a camera

Device for automatic paper fibre measuring

This subproject aims to develop an autonomous device for measuring the strength of single paper fibres that could automatically

  • position the fibre,
  • grab it with tiny grippers and
  • measure its tensile strength. (TKK)
Paper fibres on a plastic underlay waiting for a high voltage shock

Directing paper fibres in an electric field

The second subproject investigates, if a paper fibre will turn in a strong static electric field. The fibres are placed on a plastic underlay, made for this purpose, and they are subjected to an electric field. If the fibres turn, it might be possible to make a smooth layer of parallel paper fibres, which could be used in paper production. (TUT)

Automatic control of paper machine headbox

The third subproject deals with controlling the headbox of a paper machine in order to

  • improve the properties of the flow and
  • reduce the local variations of thickness of the paper.

An experimentary headbox will be constructed for research purposes. One possible solution to the problem is to use shape memory alloys that change in form with the temperature.

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