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Optically actuated microfluidics

Research area: Micro- and Nanorobotics

The main objective of the research is to study the integration of different optical actuation methods. When integrated into a single manipulation platform, they can be used to construct complex, dynamic and reconfigurable microfluidic devices from solely optically realized components. Opto-electric manipulation uses optical energy to trigger and control the distribution of electrical energy and the conversion of electro-kinetic energy to mechanical energy, with the application in microfluidics and related research fields.

Test platform for opto-electrowetting

Tasks at TKK:

  • Development of opto-electric manipulation technology and prototype devices
  • Development of optically induced electrical stem stimulation, optically induced electrical manipulation and optically induced cell lysis
  • Development of optical valves in a micro channel, using optically induced electrowetting

Duration: 2007-2009

Funding: Finnish Academy

Research Partner: Tampere University of Technology