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A Millimeter Wave Radar for Close Terrain Mapping for an IAV

The perception of the surrounding environment is vital for an autonomous vehicle moving in totally or partly unknown area. The measuring distance of laser and ultrasonic sensors is less than ten meters specially in outdoor conditions. Camera produces all the information up to distances enough, but finding the essential data needs - even today - too much computing. Automation Technology Laboratory has constructed a 93 GHz close terrain mapping radar, which measures up to 50 meters with 20 cm radial and 1,5o angular resolution. Radar gives the distance of detected obstacle and strength of the coming echo. The radar is equipped with two antennas (transmitting and receiving) and mechanical scanning system. In the same box with the scanning servo we have integrated an card-PC, which controls the scanning servomotor, reads and preprocesses the data coming from the radar. The prototype radar was developed during the years 1993-94.


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