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Open Position For Postgraduate (deadline 30.11.2009)

Open Position for Postgraduate Student The Department of Automation and Systems Technology, Helsinki University of Technology is looking for potential postgraduate student to pursue a four year research position towards a Doctor of Technology degree.

Helsinki University of Technology is the leading technical university in Finland and has a good international reputation. Helsinki University of Technology, The Helsinki School and Economics and The University of Art and Design Helsinki are merging into Aalto University from January 1, 2010 onward.

The Department of Automation and Systems Technology has a long history in micromechatronics and advanced robotics, and is an active player in European and internationally. The department is also a pioneer in hybrid microassembly research.

The research will be in the interdisciplinary field of hybrid microassembly that joins advanced robotic technology and self-assembly technology to achieve innovative technology with striking capability and unprecedented level of performance. This branch of technology joins the best features of robotics, namely flexibility, reprogrammability, and dexterity with the self-assembly that based on the fundamental principles of physics. The result of this research topic can have profound impact on microsystem industry, in both design and manufacturing technologies. The research will also involve active cooperation inside the university with researchers from nanotechnology, and with international research community, both inside Europe and internationally.

The position starts as early as January 1st, 2010, and will end on December 31, 2013. The position will be paid according to the UPJ system as the regulation of today, and in the classes 2-3 depending on the previous experience of the applicant (starting salary is ranging typically from 2000 euro to 2200 euro depending on personal achievements).

The job will be related to the following description, but the exact objective of the research may vary. The nature of the work is to design and develop novel mini- and micromechatronics, control algorithm and automation system, mathematical modeling, experimental tests and data analysis.

The main objective of the research is to study the methodology that can achieve high-performance self-assembly of microcomponents for complicated and/or spatially multi-scale microsystems. This will be achieved through: 1) Controlled agitation. Techniques to have more controlled delivery of parts to receptor sites; 2) Self-assembly in small work volume. Bringing the size of work volume (or bath for fluidic phase self-assembly) closer to the size of the receptor sites. 3) Programmable assembly. Activating different receptor sites on demand, using controllable surface properties, to achieve "digital self-assembly". Setting up a chain of small work volume self-assembly processes to achieve "self-assembly line".

Requirements on the candidate

We are looking for a talented junior researcher who is eager to explore and excel in this exciting interdisciplinary research topic. We expect the applicant to have following talents and qualifications:

  • M. Sc. degree in engineering/technology (or expected)
  • Proven record in solving technological problems
  • Previous publication records
  • Eager to explore an unknown world
  • Ready to commit him/her self to this challenging research topic
  • Open minded and excellent interpersonal communication skill
  • Excellent English language skills (oral and written)
  • Excellent knowledge and expertise in at least two of the following fields, more will be a plus
* robotics or mechatronics
* automation and control
* microsystems or nanotechnology
* applied physics or surface chemistry
* software engineering
* measurement technology

How to apply?

  • Potential candidates should submit an application with CV, transcript of all university studies, a motivation letter and a two page (A4) research plan (in English) to Docent Quan Zhou (email: by November 30th, 2009.
  • For applicants who has not been enrolled in the postgraduate study program, please follow the postgraduate student application procedures of Helsinki University of Technology (