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Micro robotic diagnostics and therapy

  • Keywords: micro robotics, in vivo diagnostics, irritable bowel syndrome
  • Duration: 2005-2008

The objective of the project is to develop swallowable wireless capsule system for diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Motion and sound data is collected during passage through gastrointestinal track. The real time information is transferred wirelessly to a belt installed receiver unit. The collected data is analyzed using neural network based system, which is trained by experimental tests and medical experts.

Tasks at TKK:

  • Development of capsule electronics and mechatronics
  • Development of biocompatible shell for capsule
  • Experimental tests
  • Development of filtering and analysis system
  • Training analysis system by experimental data

The research is done in collaboration with University of Helsinki. The project is funded by National Technology Development Agency of Finland (TEKES), Coxa Oy, ZIPic Oy, Inion Oy, Immuno diagnostic Oy, Wallac Oy and Hidex Oy.


  • Quan Zhou
  • Petri Hänninen
  • Ville Liimatainen
  • Veikko Sariola
  • Teemu Pekkanen
  • Petteri Korhonen


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