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Basics of walking machine technology


The project was aimed to study the basic technology and methodology needed to construct a self-contained six legged machine capable to walk and carry work manipulator on natural grounds like forest. A six legged hydraulic powered walking machine, shown in the figure, was constructed for studying adaptive walking principles, vehicle balancing, sensoring and piloting control systems in practice. The leg mechanism is a pantograph system rotating around a vertical thigh axis.

The research goals are set to solve the key problems and develop methods in mechatronic design, motion and gaiting control, force control and active stabilisation, distributed on board computation, and the man-machine interface.

The project was a part of a larger national program on Outdoor Robotics done in co-operation with VTT, industry, and the Mechanical Engineering Laboratory (MEL) of MITI, Japan. Funding was by TEKES and SA.

Later on Plustech Ltd published their own product prototype forest harvester.