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MECANT is a fully independent hydraulic six-legged walking machine. The machine weighs about 1100 kg and is driven by a 38 kW 2-cylinder ultra-light aeroplane engine with air cooling. The leg mechanism is a 2-dimensional pantograph with vertical rotation axis thus having 3 d.o.fs and they are drived by hydraulic system. The operator controls the vehicle remotely by the joysticks via the radio link.

The control system consists of a computer network connecting seven on-board computers running under a commercial real-time operating system (QNX), sensors for the vehicle body and legs, and a portable operator interface with the radio control and communication facilities.

Today MECANT is already retaired. Its successor is WorkPartner., which is a light weight service robot. WorkPartner is moving by the aid of a four legged hybrid mobility system.

MECANT Publications

Doctoral Theses

Sergey Repin, Timo Tiihonen and Tero Tuovinen
Numerical methods for differential equations, optimization, and technological problems : dedicated to Professor P. Neittaanmäki on his 60th birthday (Springer, 2013)
Kari Hartikainen
Motion planning of a walking platform designed to locomote on natural terrain (Helsinki University of Technology, 1996)
Hannu Lehtinen
Force based motion control of a walking machine (Technical Research Centre of Finland, VTT Automation, Machine Automation, 1994)

Diploma Theses (in Finnish)

Sami Salmi
Freegait algorythm for a walking machine (1994)
Ilkka Leppänen
Kuusijalkaisen kävelevän MECANT I-koneen mekaniikan ja ohjausjärjestelmän kehittäminen (1993)
Kari Kärkkäinen
Stability and attitude control of a walking machine (1992)
Jukka Tapio Pitkänen
A computer control system for leg control of a walking machine (1991)
Kari Hartikainen
Motion-planning og a multilegged walking machine using periodic gaits (1990)
Juha Järvinen
Study of the technology of walking machines (1988)

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