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Open summer trainee positions in Control Engineering group

A summer trainee position in: Development of Matlab® toolbox for active vibration control

Job description

The mechatronics group is looking for a candidate to design and compose a Matlab toolbox used for control design in active vibration mitigation problems. The work includes the design of a graphical user interface, which can be used to automate the whole design procedure including; suitable filtering of the process measurements, identification of the process models, synthesis of linear and nonlinear optimal controllers and performance analysis of the resulting closed-loop system. The designed GUI should be modular, thus allowing the revision of underlying design steps without affecting the operation of the interface. Most of the functions required for the design will be provided.


The successful completion of the work requires knowledge of basic control engineering, Matlab and Simulink programming. The familiarity in optimal control, system identification and frequency domain analysis are considered an advantage. The task is the most suitable for applicants, who are doing their master’s studies in the department of automation and systems engineering.

Additional information

Contact Juha Orivuori (juha.orivuori(ät)

A summer trainee position in: Study of swarm intelligence methods

Job description

The group of nature-inspired computing is looking for a summer trainee to design swarm intelligence methods using Matlab. The work includes study of particle swarm intelligence, ant colony algorithm, memetic computing, etc., and programming these swarm intelligence methods for solving typical optimization problems, such as optimal design of electrical machines.


The successful completion of this work requires knowledge of basic computer science and Matlab programming. The familiarity in control engineering, signal processing, and electromagnetics will be an advantage. The task is the most suitable for those applicants, who are doing their master’s study in the Department of Automation and Systems Technology, Department of Electrical Engineering, or Department of Information and Computer Science.

Additional information

Contact Docent Xiaozhi Gao (xiao-zhi.gao(ät)


Send your applications to Juha Orivuori (juha.orivuori(ät) by latest 31.03.2012. Make sure to include at least the following in your application:

  • A written application (in English)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Study record (OREK)
  • Which task is being applied to (if multiple, mark which is most preferred, the second most preferred etc.)

All applicants will be informed personally whether they will be called for an interview.