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Open positions for summer trainees in the Control engineering research group, apply before 27.3.2011

Published 08.02.2011

The Micro- and Nanorobotics group and Wireless Sensor Systems group of Control engineering are looking for summer trainees for the following positions:


Project: FAB2ASM

Description: We are looking for a researcher assistant who is eager to research and develop novel technologies in micro- and nanorobotics, micro- and nanoassembly, and automation. The tasks for the summer is related to the EU FP7 project FAB2ASM (, on the topics of microrobotic tools and self-assembly technology that can operate microscopic chips. The tasks involve both theoretical analysis as well as practical implementation and testing. The specific tasks can be adapted to the background/interests of the candidate, and will be closely guided and in cooperation with other researchers of the project.

Prerequisites: Basic university mathematics and physics.

Bonus: Extensive studies in the basic sciences (Laaja matematiikka/fysiikka), or knowledge of any other science or engineering disciplines, e.g. microfabrication, mechatronics, robotics and automation, modeling and simulation, biology, material science, microelectronics, software engineering and programming skills.


Description: We are looking for a talented student who is eager to learn the skills of developing an automation system. The job is to develop an automatic microassembly unit. The tasks include: design of a mechatronic system using mostly off-the-shelf components; development of automation system; integration, testing and demonstration of the process. The tasks will be closely guided by experienced researchers and in cooperation with other team members.

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of mechatronics and automation, basic programming skills.

Bonus: Good hand-on skills, or previous experience in design of mechanical or mechatronic systems.


Project: RELA

Description: The summer trainee position will work with several aspects of research on wireless automation. Depending on the abilities of the applicant, this may include: simulation, building of a simulation tool, programming wireless sensor nodes...

Prerequisites: -

Good to know: Simulink (e.g. AS-74.1101 Tietokonesimulointi), Analog and Digital Control courses (AS-74.2111, AS-74.2112), C/C++ programming

Bonus: Wireless Automation (AS-74.3199)


Description: This project deals with design, simulation and analysis of wireless control systems in the area of wireless automation. Wireless control is studied through simulations. Especially event-based control is the focus of this position.

Prerequisites: Simulink (e.g. AS-74.1101 Tietokonesimulointi), Analog and Digital Control courses (AS-74.2111, AS-74.2112)

Bonus: Wireless Automation (AS-74.3199)


Project: ISMO

Description: The ISMO project (Intelligent Structural Health Monitoring System) aims at developing an intelligent autonomous wireless sensor network (WSN) to be applied in structural health monitoring. In the context of this project, the summer trainee will be in charge of developing a web-GUI (graphical user interface) that will be responsible for e.g. providing the end-user operating at a remote PC the possibility to collect a new set of measurements (vibration data, temperature, humidity, etc.) from the wireless platforms deployed on the monitored structure, re-synchronize the nodes composing the network, refresh the existing routing paths, etc. All the information collected from the network will have to be displayed in an efficient and attractive way on the web. Furthermore, the wed-GUI will have to be connected to Matlab environment, where the developed information processing algorithms and methods will be executed, and subsequently display the results of these computations to the end-user.

Pre-requisites: good knowledge of Matlab, C/C++, and Java.

Bonus: spoken and written English, self-initiative is appreciated.

You can apply by filling out the form below and sending it to by 27.3.2011. Please use the keyword 'SUMMER_JOBS' in the subject of your e-mail, otherwise your application will not be read. Include your CV, official transcripts of records in Aalto, and any other supporting documents in the e-mail. We will select candidates for interview based on the submitted documents, and contact you by e-mail.

Application form (EN) pdf
Application form (FI) pdf

Note! You should use Adobe Acrobat or Reader (preferably version 8.1 or newer) to ensure that we can open your form.

For additional information, contact (Micro- and Nanorobotics) or (Wireless Sensor Systems)