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This is intended for reporting some of my work.

06.03.2011 Introducing 3JBO

3JBO under construction


Roughly ten years ago we delivered a mobile robot platform for Laboratory Computational Engineering. The platform was called LCE-bot. Last spring LCE was moving to new premises and Harri Valpola called me if we wanted the platform back. Well, we did!. Now after some months of idle time we have upgraded the bot with new CPU (it actually has two computers now, the original littleoard and Mobile Pentium Readyboard). The platform now has Kinect, SICK LMS 100, the original Sony PTZ. The platform will be used in WISM continuation project as situation mapper and perhaps in Motti project as a test platform for Roclas WES.

There are still a few minor issues, like need for new batteries, the LMS placement (currently it sees switch and emergency button), the placement of PTU could be adjusted and the LMS100 "feature" which is that it interpolates strangely points to the measurement that are not real.